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Bad Morning Habits: 8 Things You Should Avoid Doing In The Morning

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Here are the things you should avoid doing in the mornings as part of the “bad morning habits”

BAD MORNING HABITS – These things that you usually do in the morning are actually not giving you any benefit so they must be stopped.

Most people have already developed a habit or routine in the morning from the time they start opening their eyes. However, there are habits that are needed to be eliminated because they do not contribute to the general welfare of your being. Based on the article from, here are the bad morning habits that you should break.

bad morning habits
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Hitting the snooze button

This usually happens when you still want to extend your sleeping time. However, setting the alarm on a certain time means that you should wake up already. By hitting the snooze button, you are just putting your task or something that you must do on hold. This will also determine the level of your discipline.

Checking the phone and social media

Most of the people are guilty of doing this. A force seemed to persuade many people to check the phone or the social media sites right after they wake up even before saying a prayer. According to the article, this habit alters your focus for more important things that you need to do in a day. Your time to nourish, recharge and condition your mind for success and vital things in life is stolen by the time you check your social media feeds.

Skipping breakfast/eating unhealthy breakfast

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need physical power to kick start your day and breakfast could provide that. However, there are other people who eat breakfast but having unhealthy foods. “If you put in junk, you are going to feel like junk,” according to the article.

Starting the day without taking a bath

Aside from hygiene, taking a bath also has another benefit. “That single and small act of bathing activates certain hormones in your body that sets you up in a high performing level. You are also more comfortable,” based on the article.

Avoiding the sun

Let the sun rays enter your room. Leaving the curtains closed and not letting the sun rays in could send signals of grogginess to your body instead of being alert for the whole day. This would create confusion in your body that thinks it is still night but having the sun rays in your room could mean otherwise.

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Not hydrating

Keeping your body hydrated after waking up is important. Drinking water in the morning could help with weight loss, boost your immune system, flush your body system, keeps your skin healthy, helps in the creation of new blood cells, and fuels your body.

Leaving the messy bed

This kind of habit cultivates the organizational attitude of a person which can be helpful in everyday performance. Of course, this is aside from being neat and clean.

Entertaining negative thoughts and complaining

Stay positive and eliminate those negative thought that could hinder you to achieve your optimum capabilities. Through this, you can also empower people around you. Complaining about anything will not help you also. It will just ruin your mood, based on the article.

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