Ways on How Can You Deal With Your Existential Anxiety

Anxiety exists because it exists. You have to deal with it!

Existential Anxiety is a type of anxiety wherein you may have paralyzing fear in your life. You have to deal with it, otherwise, this may harm you.

existential anxiety
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Here are the ways on how can you deal with your existential anxiety. Have a look!

Recognize that it’s a completely normal feeling

Having this kind of anxiety is what it means to become a person. If you’re anxious about how you exist in this world, that’s normal. It’s just a matter of understanding on how you recognize it.

Trace this feeling back to one of four underlying reasons

You need to understand those underlying reasons why you have that kind of anxiety. It could be your struggle and quest for the purpose (includes searching for the meaning of your life), your freedom in life (yet it may be accompanied by your feelings of responsibility once you have freedom), your struggle with loneliness, or your fear of death. You just need to try your best to reflect on which of these reasons you identify most.

Try evoking spirituality

One of the important source of solace and guidance is that you need to have a connection to your soul especially when you’re in your lowest point in life.

In addition, according to an article, supplements can help you deal with this kind of anxiety especially if you’re living with a vitamin deficiency. If you think you can’t deal with that kind of anxiety, you need to consult with your physician as early as possible.

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