Dr. Willie Ong Discusses Chokoleit’s Disease “Pulmonary Edema”


Causes & Symptoms of Chokoleit’s Disease “Pulmonary Edema” Discussed by Dr. Willie Ong

CHOKOLEIT’S DISEASE “PULMONARY EDEMA” CAUSES & SYMPTOMS – Dr. Willie Ong discussed the causes and symptoms of “Pulmonary Edema” which is comedian Chokoleit’s cause of death.

Last Sunday, March 10, 2019, a lot of people woke up to a sad news – Filipino comedian Chokoleit died after his last performance in Abra. At the age of 46 years old, the comedian passed away due to ‘Pulmonary Edema’ and heart attack.

Chokoleit was able to finish his last performance in Abra. A lot of people noticed that he’s actually struggling to breath and he is coughing. But the comedian continued the show and did his best to entertain the crowd.

Reportedly, Chokoleit was rushed to a hospital in Abra after the show but he was declared dead on arrival. Chokoleit’s disease and cause of death were identified – ‘Pulmonary Edema’ and heart attack.

Chokoleit's Disease
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Recently, Dr. Willie Ong discussed Chokoleit’s disease and cause of death. In a video posted on Facebook, the doctor revealed their symptoms and the causes.

According to Dr. Ong, the lungs of a person with “Pulmonary Edema” contain water which hampers the flow of the blood and as well as the supply of oxygen and the flow of carbon dioxide inside the lungs.

The doctor expressed that the usual cause of “Pulmonary Edema” is heart failure. It is also caused by stress, negative feelings, and vices. Its symptoms include the following:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Swelling of Feet and Legs
  • Chronic Lack of Energy
  • Sleeping difficulty due to breathing problems
  • Swollen Abdomen
  • Cough with pink sputum
  • Increased urination at night
  • Dizziness
  • Coughing
  • Big Tummy

According to Dr. Ong, to check your feet, you can press it and once the skin did not return to its usual appearance right away, you have to go for a check-up.

The doctor encourages healthy lifestyle for everyone as even younger ones can suffer from “Pulmonary Edema”, Chokoleit’s disease that took away his life along with heart attack.

With regards to the treatment of the said disease, patients should be given oxygen and the best position for them is sitting. They are also given tablets so they would urinate and release the water inside them.

Dr. Ong stressed that people with Pulmonary Edema should refrain from drinking too much water. For those who are healthy and are not suffering from the said disease, much water intake is recommended.

Here is the full video:

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