HIGH BLOOD SUGAR SYMPTOMS – 8 Signs Indicating Hyperglycemia


List of the 8 Common Hyperglycemia / High Blood Sugar Symptoms

HIGH BLOOD SUGAR SYMPTOMS – Here is a list of the eight(8) common signs of high blood sugar or hyperglycemia.

Nowadays, one of the health conditions that a lot of people are dealing with is diabetes. A lot of people were unable to monitor their blood sugar level and they’re already diabetic before they even knew it.

To prevent it, a cautious monitoring of the food and drinks you partake is really important. Eating a lot of sugary food is not good for the body although they can be a boost of energy. Also, it is best to be aware with the diabetes symptoms.

BUT, before checking on the signs of diabetes, you may also check on first the high blood sugar symptoms. A high level of blood sugar is also called as hyperglycemia.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms
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If you know the hyperglycemia or the high blood sugar symptoms, you can switch to less-sugary food in case you are feeling them. You can always take a step away from diabetes by knowing the health warning signs.

Based on an article on Web MD, here is a list of the warning signs indicating that you have a high blood sugar level:

  • blurred vision
  • increased thirst
  • weight loss
  • headache
  • struggling to concentrate
  • fatigue
  • frequent peeing
  • blood sugar exceeds 180mg/dL

In case you are experiencing these signs, you can check for your blood sugar level through a lancet device. You will be needing lancets and test strips and there will be pricking of the finger. In case the result is high, you can start being more strict on your diet.

Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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