DIABETES: Understanding The 3 P’s Of This Health Condition


Here are the 3 P’s of Diabetes

The 3 P’s of Diabetes are just among the common symptoms of this health condition and here are things you must understand about them. They are simply defined as polydipsia – an increase in thirst; polyuria – frequent urination; and polyphagia – a rise in appetite.

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Diabetic persons will always feel thirsty and they can also experience their mouth is drying more often. This is caused by an increase in glucose levels. When your glucose level increases, this means your kidney will have to produce more urine in order to get rid of the extra glucose.

Based on the article from Healthline, persistent thirst can lead to dehydration, osmotic diuresis, an increase in urination due to excess glucose, and mental health issues, such as psychogenic polydipsia.


This term refers to the condition when you are passing more urine than the normal. It is normal for most people to urinate 1–2 liters per day. However, those with Polyuria urinate more than 3 liters every day.

Besides diabetes, people with these conditions can also experience the urge to urinate more than the usual:

  • pregnancy
  • diabetes insipidus
  • kidney disease
  • high calcium levels, or hypercalcemia
  • mental health issues, such as psychogenic polydipsia
  • taking medications such as diuretics


This refers to excessive hunger. Diabetic individuals’ body can’t allow glucose to enter the cells to be used as energy. Low insulin levels or insulin resistance is the reason for this. Therefore, the body can’t convert glucose to energy and the feeling of hunger is always felt, based on the article.

Other conditions that can result in Polyphagia are:

  • an overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • stress
  • taking certain medications, such as corticosteroids

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