PATTERNS FOR GIGS – Patterns Spotted in Grass Is Greener Syndrome


If you already identified these patterns, then you might have grass is greener syndrome. The best way to deal with this syndrome is to have psychotherapy.

PATTERNS FOR GIGS – Unable to settle on one side and you prefer to go on a “greener” side, then probably you have GIGS (Grass Is Greener Syndrome). How can you deal with it?

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How can you spot yourself that you have this kind of syndrome? Here are the patterns of GIGS (Grass is Greener Syndrome) that is already happening on your system.


This happens when you constantly want something better and you tend to seek changes in terms of your relationship, job, environment, as well as your needs and wants.


If you want to have a fiction-like relationship, then you tend to have a standard of perfection in order for you to achieve it.

Wanting to run away

If you see this pattern of being unable to settle to only one place (could be in a geographical place, job, relationship, etc.), then you have deeper reasons for that than just not being in the right relationship.

Ultimate dissatisfaction

If you enjoy the constant change in your life, then there’s nothing wrong with that. But, according to Nathan Feiles, “if the reason for the constant change comes from the repetition of dissatisfaction, and if you’re looking to become more secure, stable, and settled, then this is an issue to look into.

If you spotted all patterns of Grass Is Greener Syndrome (GIGS), then you must consult your psychotherapist and let him or her check your conditions.

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