TEETH WHITENING: What You Need To Know, According To Dentists


Dentists want you to know these things about teeth whitening

TEETH WHITENING – According to dentists, people should know these things first before undergoing teeth whitening or using a product with this effect.

Nowadays, there are already countless products being sold online that promise to whiten the teeth. It is accessible to any individual who aims to have pearly white teeth that could add beauty when they smile. However, dentists have these reminders to the public, based on the article from The Healthy.

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Have a checkup first

A dental exam is needed first before acquiring that Hollywood smile. This is to ensure that your mouth is healthy. Eric Klein, a dentist in Norwalk, CT said, “dental problems such as cavities and gum disease need to be addressed before bleaching.” Jennifer Jablow, a cosmetic dentist in New York City added, “Teeth whitening that is peroxide-based is meant to whiten the enamel layer, not the structure inside the tooth near the nerve.” The whitening gel can reach the nerve tissue and cause irreversible damage once the enamel is not intact, because of cavities or other damage.


One can use the in-office laser treatment or the LED-based in-office whitening treatments and the result can be expected after a short period of time. On the other hand, there are also professional take-home kits sold in dental offices. However, dentists remind patients that is it not one and done. It is because you’ll probably need to continue using those custom trays or other whitening treatments.


What you eat

Foods and beverages you eat and drink can lead to teeth discoloration such as tea, coffee, wine, and even blended green juice. On the other hand, foods such as cauliflower, strawberries, seeds, and nuts can help whiten your teeth.

Over the counter products

OTC or over the counter products that can whiten the teeth are also available, just make sure you are buying them from a legitimate drugstore. For non-sensitive teeth in need of only slight whitening, over-the-counter products may be satisfactory. Whitening strips or mold lights using a mild peroxide solution may work well,” Dr. Klein explained.

Toothpaste will not work

According to dentists, advertisements of toothpaste brands claiming to have whitening powers are not true. “Some have whitening solution in them, but usually they’re not on the teeth long enough to be effective,” Dr. Klein said. In addition, there is a possibility that fake teeth will not whiten and not all stains can be removed easily.

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