Tuesday, February 7, 2023

ASTIGMATISM: These Eye-Opening Photos About Astigmatism Went Viral

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Viral Photos Open Reality of Astigmatism To Public

ASTIGMATISM – Two(2) photos went viral on the social media after it showed a comparison of how a person with this condition sees the lights at night compared with normal vision.

Undeniably, more and more people are wearing eyeglasses nowadays. Eye conditions do not anymore affect the old people only but even the small kids as well.

Nowadays, some small children at the age of four(4) and five(5) years old are already wearing eyeglasses due to certain eye conditions. Some implement eye correction so they have to wear eyeglasses.

With regards to eye conditions, among the most common is astigmatism. It is a different condition apart from the grade in the eye. It is caused by a different shape on the cornea.

Photo Courtesy of UT Southwestern

The normal shape of the cornea is round. For people with astigmatism, the shape of their cornea follow the shape of an egg thus the light is not equally distributed when it enters the eye.

Recently, two(2) photos showing the difference between a normal vision and how a person with astigmatism looks at lights at night went viral on the social media.

In the said photos, it could be seen that people with normal vision see the light in a fix, rounded appearance.

Normal Vision
Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

On the other side, those with eye condition see it like lines and the light is scattered.

Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

The viral photos shocked and hooked a lot of people. Many individuals with eye conditions realized that what they have been seeing at night since they were kids were not the same with what people with normal vision see even if they wear eyeglasses.

Are you also one of those with astigmatism? What can you say about it? Feel free to leave your thoughts or reactions through the comment section below.



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