FDA is Monitoring C2 Bottled Tea Drink for Alleged Excessive Lead Content

C2 Alleged Excessive Lead Content Update

Recently, Vietnam Ministry of Health released an order of monitoring with regards to the issue of contamination of C2 bottled tea drink. With this, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) took the move to monitor the ta drink.

The content was said to be containing excessive lead as the Ministry has recalled but considering the safety of the product, the producers of the tea drink assured that C2 tea drink sold in the Philippines has nothing to do with excessive lead content. The product is safe to drink.

C2 contamination

To secure the health of the populace. Lulu Santiago, office-in-charge of FDA, affirmed that the C2 products that are entering the country are being monitored. Further, any C2 tea drink that with excessive lead content has not entered the country.

We can notice that the tea drink are still available in the market. The President of the Philippine Amalgamated Supermarket Association gave clarification to this. According to Stephen Chua, there was no order from the FDA to stop the marketing of C2 drinks.

To further eradicate the worries on the part of the citizens, the Corporate Affairs Vice President of Universal Robina Corporation, Renato Salud, gave an affirmation that the tea drinks sold in the country are safe.

“We are highly supportive of Universal Robina Corporation Vietnam’s immediate compliance and desire to cooperate with the Vietnam MOH. URC is also fully aligned with the health authorities’ mandate to protect consumer health wherever it operates,” Universal Robina Corporation said.

“We shall be reaching out proactively to our customers and partners to assure them of this fact as well as answer questions they may have regarding the development in Vietnam,” company said.

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