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HEART ENLARGEMENT SYMPTOMS – 8 Warning Signs of Mild Cardiomegaly

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List of the 8 Mild Cardiomegaly / Heart Enlargement Symptoms

HEART ENLARGEMENT SYMPTOMS – Here is a list of the eight(8) warning signs of mild cardiomegaly or an enlarged heart.

Sadly, more and more people are suffering from heart failure and other heart conditions nowadays. These health conditions may not exempt anyone whether you are young or old, male or female. Some were due to inherited factors while others are due to external factors and lifestyle.

One of the heart conditions that is rampant nowadays is mild cardiomegaly. It is characterized by an enlargement of the organ that is responsible for pumping blood in the different parts of the body. It is usually caused by either ventricular hypertrophy or ventricular dilation.

  • ventricular hypertrophy – the thickening of the muscle that makes up the ventricle wall
  • ventricular dilation – the thinning of the muscle that makes up the wall of the ventricle
Heart Enlargement
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With regards to the heart enlargement symptoms, the signs can be mild and unnoticeable at times. Based on an article on Healthline, here is a list of the eight(8) common warning signs of mild cardiomegaly:

  • chest pain
  • fatigue
  • abdominal bloating
  • swelling of the feet, legs, and ankles
  • dizziness
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • shortness of breath
  • cough

Based on the article, mild cardiomegaly is usually diagnosed through a series of tests. Thus, it is a whole lot better to book a check-up to the doctor right away upon experiencing the heart enlargement symptoms stated above.

The earlier that the heart condition is detected and treated, the higher is the chance of positive result and recovery. It may be more common among people with diabetes, those who are obese, and those living a careless lifestyle.

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