Hydration and Sleep: How Hydration Can Affect Your Sleep

Aside from stimulants, dehydration may be linked to having difficulty in your sleep quality.

At some point, hydration may affect your holistic body as well as it may affect your sleep. Are there any connections between hydration and sleep?

Hydration and Sleep
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Hydration may play a critical role in your sleeping conditions. This may examine your body if how well (or not) you sleep every night.

Negative Effects of Staying Dehydrated

Even staying dehydrated for a long period of time can affect your body, and may cause you of having your mouth and nasal passages to become dry, sleep-disruptive snoring, and a parched throat and hoarseness as well. Dehydration may lead you to nocturnal leg cramps that may affect your sleep.

Sleep-Related Fluid Loss

Once you breathe through your mouth, snore or having sleep apnea, you may tend to lose your body fluids even if you’re already well-hydrated. Even an overly dry or warm bedroom can be a culprit for your fluid loss while sleeping.

How to Hydrate Right

Normally, you may be required to drink eight glasses of water every day in order for you to stay hydrated. You also need to focus on drinking a lot of non-caffeinated drinks (including coffees) regularly.

Once you’re hydrated for a longer period of time, you may tend to have a better sleep at night.

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