‘Little Amsterdam’ Where to Find?

‘Little Amsterdam’ in the Philippines?

Litter Amsterdam – After seeing a picture of a garden that had gone viral on social media, many netizens wondered where they could locate this idyllic place.

In January 2017, during the Feast of the Sto. Niño de Cebu, Sirao Garden “Little Amsterdam” was formally opened. It houses a variety of fruits and vegetables in addition to more than 100 flower species.

The majority of the flowers are imported because the owner bought seeds abroad when she was still a flight attendant.

According to GMA News, whose owner is Miss Elena Sy Chua, the family originally intended to use the one hectare of land for a retirement residence.

Miss Elena planted Celosia, an ornamental plant that may be sold there for All Souls Day, in order to gain money. One of the customers posted a photo of the garden to social media, and that’s when the business started to bloom.

Thousands of local and international tourists descended upon the garden soon after its opening. Because of the ambiance of Amsterdam and the 360-degree view, it has gained popularity online.

In Cebu City, Sirao Garden Little Amsterdam is currently a well-liked tourist site. Selfies in front of the location’s beautiful scenery are popular among visitors, especially millennials.

The garden was also visited and featured by vloggers and hosts of various TV shows in the country, who then included it in their vlogs on YouTube and other social media sites.

Photo taken from Original Sirao Garden Amsterdam Facebook page

The drive to Sirao Garden from Cebu City would take an hour and a half. It is situated in the Brgy. Before the renowned nighttime viewing location “TOPS,” Sirao Cebu City

The owner constructed an image of Sto. Niño de Cebu in the garden’s center as an additional attraction, because she is a devotee.

According to a report, a bridge and a canal were also constructed to give off an Amsterdam vibe.

The windmill, sunflower, and the giant caring hands were the garden’s main attractions for the tourists.

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