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NO TO ONLINE GAMES: Ways to End Online Game Addiction

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Getting attached to online games and want to get out of it? You can end that by following these ways.

NO TO ONLINE GAMES – Is it hard for you to end playing online games? You can follow these ways in order for you to end your addiction.

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Getting attached to an online game may affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Here are the ways on how to end your addiction to online games.

Change your mindset

Having a lot of accomplishments in an online game doesn’t make you a successful one. You need to change that norm so that you can be productive in the long run. Instead of saying “I need to play today!”, just say “Not today!”

Limit your time

If you’re currently starting to lessen your gaming consumption, you must limit your time from little to no time. This can help you with how you manage your time properly.

Reward yourself

Once you accomplished in doing not to play online game for a day, just reward yourself by buying your favorite food or watching movies at the cinema. In that way, you can lessen your gaming hours by doing this regularly.

Make a promise note

Write your “promise note” on a piece of paper and put it in a visible place. If you failed to fulfill your promises, punish yourself. In that way, it makes you even more disciplined and you can have a healthy life you want it to be.

Modify your routine

Make a new to-do list which does not include playing an online game. In that way, it is easier for you to lessen your addiction to an online game.

Don’t use the computer for recreational purposes

Just use the computer for educational or work purposes. According to Lifehack, “find recreational activities in real life and completely replace your internet entertainment with them.

If you’re doing those ways mentioned above, you can beat online game addiction.

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