MOST EXPENSIVE COUNTRIES – List of 8 Most Expensive Countries To Visit


What are the most expensive countries to visit?

MOST EXPENSIVE COUNTRIES – Here is a list of eight(8) pricey countries to visit and an overview of the expenses in these foreign lands.

Traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. It can bring you to experience a different culture, meet new people, and see other places apart from what your eyes usually gaze upon.

Now, there are a lot of visa-free countries and there are also countries with visa that are very easy to apply for. All you need to do is to prepare the money for your travel expenses.

The world is a mixture of different countries with different costs of living. You may go to those with low cost of living or you may also try out visiting the most expensive countries.

Most Expensive Countries
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Based on an article on Junket, here is a list of eight(8) of the most expensive countries to visit:

1. Bermuda

Bermuda is a known spot for vacation but visiting this place might be more pricey compared to other countries. The cheapest restaurant may need 22.50 BMD for a meal while apartment accommodation may be at least 2500 BMD. (1USD=1BMD)

2. Switzerland

Based on the article, a dorm bed in Switzerland may cost between 30-60CHF and one(1) USD is equal to 0.97CHF. With regards to hotel costs, it may be between 200 to 350CHF while eating at a restaurant may start at 40CHF.

3. Bahamas

Just like the conversation rate between Bermuda and United States’ dollar currency, one(1) BSD is equal to one(1) USD. In Bahamas, a meal may start at 20BSD while an apartment stay may cost you 1,000BSD.

4. Norway

Based on the article, a dorm bed in Norway may cost around 288NOK (1USD=8.2NOK) while a cozy cabin may cost you at least 455NOK. With regards to eating in a restaurant, you may prepare at least 160NOK.

5. Iceland

In Iceland, a dorm bed starts at 4000ISK (1USD=123.17ISK) while a standard guesthouse may be at 14,000ISK. For a breakfast, you may prepare at least 1,500ISK.

6. Denmark

Also one of the most expensive countries to visit is the Denmark. With a 1USD=6.55DKK conversation, a budget hotel may cost you at least 500DKK. The most affordable restaurant may also require you to prepare at least 125DKK for a meal.

7. Singapore

Based on the article, in Singapore, a hotel stay may cost between 140 to 250SGD. For the most affordable meal in food courts, the charge may not fall below 5SGD. (1USD=1.36SGD)

8. Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, a meal at an “inexpensive” restaurant may cost you 15Euro (1USD=0.88EUR) while a stay at an apartment may not fall below 1,200Euro.

Meanwhile, although these expensive countries to visit, surely, the experiences you will get here are priceless. A travel to these places can be the best gifts you can reward to yourself.

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