Valuable Things Extroverts Can Learn From Introverts

Can extroverts learn from introverts? Let’s find out!

How can extroverts learn from introverts? Though these two have different approach, yet they can learn from each other.

Learn From Introverts
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These are some of valuable things extroverts wants to learn from their counterparts. Have a look!

The skill of gathering thoughts before speaking

Extroverts may talk and talk and keep on talking without even thinking of what they are talking to, and introverts may think before they say their thoughts. You, as an extrovert, must adapt this habit of thinking critically before you speak out so that your words now have substance.

The importance of prioritizing downtime

Extroverts may tend to always say yes, yet you may still need some time for you to rest and replenish your energy. It’s better for you if you prioritize on having rest than having nothing at all.

The importance of hitting pause

You, as an extrovert, have a tendency to move fast just because of your boundless energy. You may also need to pause for a moment, process and think through your next steps, and also to enjoy the process. It’s good if you take mental timeouts in order for you to stay relax and you may realize that you really don’t always have to be doing something all the time.

How to be better at making decisions

Don’t make quick decisions thoroughly. You must know whether your decision is bad or good before you decide. You need to have a pause for a while, think for your decision that can be beneficial to others, and gather thought if needed before you speak for your final decision.

The notion that introverts don’t need to be “fixed”

According to an article, extroverts may “tend to want to pull introverts out of their shell“, yet you (as an extrovert) must adapt the culture of introverts — not prefer to be “fixed” and want to pull over just to stand out.

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