Atty. Libayan Reveals the True Identity of Bamban Mayor Alice Gou

Atty. Ranny Randolf B. Libayan, a well-known vlogger and lawyer who provides legal advice, shared his findings about the true identity of Alice Gou, the current mayor of Bamban, Tarlac. Through his research and connections, Atty. Libayan revealed several details about Mayor Gou’s background.

Atty. Ranny Randolf B. Libayan Expose

According to Atty. Libyan, Mayor Alice Gou is a pure Chinese who came to the Philippines with her family when she was just a teenager. Atty. Libayan reportedly spoke with several lawyers in Tarlac who notarized documents for the Gou family’s business. Based on the information gathered, both of Mayor Gou’s parents are pure Chinese, and their family engaged in the property business upon arriving in the Philippines.

To purchase land in the country, the Gou family allegedly needed to make Alice Gou a Filipino citizen. However, Atty. Libayan was surprised at how Mayor Gou’s naturalization process was accomplished, as it is a lengthy and complicated process under the law. There are allegations that the Gou family paid to expedite the process of obtaining Filipino citizenship for Alice Gou.

Another controversy that surfaced concerns the POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators) business in the country. The land owned by Alice Gou’s family was reportedly leased to the Chinese operators of the POGO business, from which the Gou family earned substantial profits.

Atty. Libayan also refuted issues regarding an alleged love child or that Alice Gou is the child of a maid. Regarding luxury cars, Atty. Libayan explained that the Gou family naturally has a penchant for luxury cars, so this should not be surprising.

In his video, Atty. Libayan detailed the entire story about Alice Gou and his discoveries through his research. Many viewers eagerly watched his video to learn the full extent of his findings and revelations.

The details and information disclosed by Atty. Libayan sparked further heated discussions about Mayor Alice Gou and her family. Despite these controversies, the public remains curious about the true origins of Alice Gou and her path to becoming a prominent figure in the political arena of Bamban, Tarlac.

2 thoughts on “Atty. Libayan Reveals the True Identity of Bamban Mayor Alice Gou”

  1. All those who’ve carried the torch of righteousness, do carry on. In time everything will be revealed, and no stones left unturned. As for the Guo family, they know how it is in this country. Nothing is difficult in terms of documentation. Not one cannot be paid. It’s just a matter of cost. This is not a surprise anymore. Just that being Chinese is a big deal to us Pinoys, who’d rather have Westerners dominate the country. Observe. Don’t get me wrong but I do not condone illegal aliens and gambling as the norm. But I haven’t sat in any government position. Besides, soon as I get to be in the system, I will have to work with the system or leave if I refuse to play the game.

    • And to think that a big number of our population have Chinese blood and many don’t even know it…well, it is only expected from the people to be west-inclined… At the time when we were under American influence, not that we have changed, it was the world’s envy in it’s prosperity and democracy and China struggling created a bad image to the world in how it was handling its own citizens…but I believe it is more likely that just like the opportunism of chinese businessmen and the imperialist behavior of the west, if we Filipinos are given the chance of wealth and power with our current collective disposition, we would be the worst in the world…wala man lang tayo kahit loyalty..and we are very accepting with the idea of “weather-weather Lang yan”. haha!


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