Christopher De Leon Slams President Duterte’s Controversial Statement About “God”

Christopher De Leon lambasted President Duterte due to his controversial statement

Veteran actor Christopher De Leon is one of the celebrities who reacted to the controversial statement of President Rodrigo Duterte about “God”.

Various known personalities from different fields had expressed their opinions to the pronouncement of the Chief Executive during his speech in Davao City.

According to the article published in PEP, Christopher slammed the President for that said statement.

Christopher de Leon
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The veteran actor exclaimed in disbelief upon learning what Duterte said.

“The President, calling our GOD stupid? With putang-ina as his favorite expression. The GOD of our Holy Bible, the Tanakh, the Torah, and even mentioned in Quoran. The GOD of Abraham! Why?” he exclaimed.

He added that Duterte’s statement saddened a lot of people and it also disturbed the spirits of many.

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Christopher De Leon also pointed out that if President Duterte is angry to the members of the Catholic church, then the Entity that they believe should not be included in his anger.

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The famous actor admitted that he is also a sinner and he does not consider himself a saint but he believes that the statement of the Chief Executive was a form of blasphemy.

For Christopher, Duterte should have not done that as a leader of the country.

“He is supposed to be our Leader, we should be looking up to him and follow him,” he stated.

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The actor also said that the President should apologize for what he said for the sake of the Philippines.

Christopher De Leon is also known to be the founder of a religious group called Oasis of Love Charismatic Community, based on the article.

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