COVID-19 Is “Blessing In Disguise” – Health Secretary Duque

Health Sec. Duque Says COVID-19 Is “Blessing In Disguise” During Webinar

HEALTH CHIEF DUQUE – According to Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, the COVID-19 pandemic should be considered a “blessing in disguise”.

During a webinar hosted by the University of the Philippines, Duque said the new coronavirus pandemic placed a spotlight into the urgent need to impose health reforms. He added that the virus paved way for faster implementation of the universal health care law that was passed February of 2019.

COVID-19 Is "Blessing In Disguise" - Health Secretary Duque
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Based on an article from CNN, the Health Secretary stated:

This can also be some kind of blessing in disguise, serendipitous. Kasi parang na-accelerate iyong universal healthcare because of COVID-19. It is a catalyst

He added that although the coronavirus exposed the weaknesses of Philippines’ health care system, it brought provision that the UHC needed to accelerate in terms of its implementation. Universal Health Care or UHC law aims to provide all Filipinos equal access to quality and affordable health care.

Furthermore, Duque added that in the context of the COVID-19 health crisis in the Philippines, medical workers and local governments should do “active case finding” by visiting localities and monitoring residents’ health conditions.

As per the article, the Government also established a One Hospital Command Center to properly handle the health facility referral for COVID-19 hit residents in Metro Manila. Additionally, the command center also offers medical transport and patient pick-up services.

Let us broaden the context by which we are responding to the pandemic. And that context is universal healthcare.

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