Duterte Dismiss 2 Immigration Executives From Post Over Bribery Scandal

2 Immigration Deputies Fired By Duterte Over Bribery Scandal

President Rodrigo Duterte has fired the 2 Bureau of Immigration (BI) deputy commissioners over their involvement in a bribery scandal.

On Saturday (December 17, 2016), the president stands firm on his advocacy against corruption by relieving the 2 deputy commission of BI from their post over a bribery scandal. The president also said that the 2 deputies will face the full force of law when arrived from his state visit to Singapore.

The chief of the intelligence bureau retired police general Charles Calima was also dismissed from the service. The president is strictly implementing his advocacy to change the Philippine and to abolish all the illegal activities happening in the country.

Bribery Scandal

He also said that he is just fulfilling the pledges and the promises that he made during the campaign period. “I give you my word: as president, I shall work tirelessly to assure all these [campaign] promises become a reality,” said by Duterte quoted by ABS-CBN.

The two BI deputy commissioners were identified as Al Argosino and Mike Robles had immediately rendered their resignation, few hours before the president arrived in Davao from his state visit.

Robles and Arsogino were both brothers of Duterte in the fraternity during his college at San Beda College of Law’s Lex Talionis Fraternitas, Inc. The 2 deputies have been recommended by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre for termination due to loss of trust.

Bribery Scandal

Aguirre had already assigned new officers-in-charge (OIC) that will replace the two deputies. Robles and Argosino were accused of extorting P50 million from gambling tycoon Jack Lam for the release of about 600 Chinese working for Lam.

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