Duterte Supporters Slam Eddie Villanueva For Citing Zechariah Chapter 22 To Criticize The President

The supporters of Pres. Duterte fired back to Eddie Villanueva due to his mistake of citing Zechariah 22.

‘Jesus Is Lord’ Church Founder Eddie Villanueva received criticisms from President Rodrigo Duterte regarding his remark against his statement about “God”.

Based on a previous article, Villanueva opposed to what the Chief Executive of the Philippines said in his speech in Davao City.

For the JIL leader, Duterte invited the wrath of “God” because of his “blasphemous” pronouncement.

Eddie Villanueva
(Photo source: Inquirer)

During an interview in ANC’s Headstart, Eddie Villanueva was asked if it is Biblical when he said that “when you slander and cursed “God”, you’re inviting curses”.

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He said that it can be read in the Bible on Chapter 22 of the book of Zechariah.

This is where the criticisms from the supporters of Duterte started.

President Rodrigo Duterte
(Photo source: Indian Express)

On the Facebook Page of ‘Duterte Kami’, the snippet of the said interview was posted and the JIL leader is being criticized for the “Biblical proof” he cited.

The post slammed Villanueva’s statement because in reality the book of Zechariah is only until Chapter 14.

(screen shot from Duterte Kami FB Page)

Due to this, some netizens who are also taking the side of President Duterte expressed their criticisms to him.

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There are those who criticized the religious leader for other matters like the fact that he once entered the world of politics and run for President.

(screen shot from Duterte Kami FB Page)

Some netizens defended the controversial statement of the Chief Executive about the “God” of the Catholics.

(screen shot from Duterte Kami FB Page)

A netizen expressed that his vote was just a waste during the time that he voted for Eddie Villanueva.

(screen shot from Duterte Kami FB Page)

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Minsan na nga lang magsalita sa TV.. fake news pa. Wala pong chapter 22 sa Zacarias dahil ito ay hanggang 14 lang. Ano po bang Biblia gamit nyo?


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