Davao Mayor Duterte: “Wag Na Nating Ipilit Na Sa Atin Ang West Philippine Sea”


Duterte: Wag Na Nating Ipilit Na Sa Atin Ang West Philippine Sea

The issue of the Philippines and China about the West Philippine Sea dispute depends on the Ruler that would reign this May 9 election.

Since then, the Philippine-China battle about the claims in the West Philippine Sea has been a very hot topic not only in both China and Philippines but also internationally.

PDP-Laban standard bearer Rody Duterte said that if the case will take so long, say for almost 3 years, or if China would refuse to abide by the decision made, the most practical next step is to make a deal.

“If the negotiation is not being done, or it is in still waters until now, maybe 3 years from now, I have to talk. You know, you have a problem, you have to make deals,” Duterte said in Cainta last Tuesday, April 12.

The one and only way to start the process of bilateral discussion, or the one-on-one negotiation with China is to leave the discussion behind of whoever wins the claimed areas of the West Philippine Sea, he said.

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During an interview Duterte said, “Wag na nating ipilit na sa atin ang West Philippine Sea… Let’s not insist on the ownership for the simple reason that we cannot enforce our desire to own,” (Thursday, April 15).

In last years statement of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he said that before any concessions be made between the two countries, Philippines must accept first that The whole South China Sea belongs to the China with indisputable sovereignty then any deals could be brokered.

Mayor Rody Duterte has recently said he is willing to have a joint exploration of the area with China, saying that if the Philippines cannot provide the capital to conduct the said exploration, he would be glad if China would build 3 major railways for the country instead.

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      • Are you stupid?? President Aquino is fighting a good fight against CHina for the proprietorship over the West China Sea. Magbasa ka naman friend. Ikaw yata ang bogok dito

        • Isa pa tong bugok ikaw magbasa.paliwanag mo sakin ang dahilan na 16 time na nakipag back door negotiation c trillanes na utos ni pnoy sa china?

          • Daming mga bogok dito…. Remember that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not the one who sell that Scarborough, Mag isip2x kayo, di pa sya officially na nakaupong Presidente ngayon. Mag isip2x kayo mga walang utak. Ang magagawa nya sa ngayon ay magkaroon ng negosasyon sa China because we cannot afford to fight China with Guns and Missiles. Sana maunawaan nyo na hindi sya ang gumawa ng dahilan kung bakit may lakas ng loob yong mga Tsino para mag tayo ng pasilidad sa Spratly. Aquino pa po ang namuno nung kasagsagang pag tayo ng nasabing isla ng China. At aminado tayo na kahit panalo tayo sa kaso, at papalag tayo, may posibilidad na sisiklab ang Gyera dahil tutulong yong USA sa atin… Sana gamitin nyo utak nyo mga mang2x. Simple understanding lang. Ang dapat sisihin dito ay si Trillpanes at Pnoy Panot nating presidenteng walang alam gawin kundi magpapogi sa palasyo.

          • FYI ang nagbigay pahintulot sa mga Chinese to explore in Philippine West Sea ay ang GMA admin… Pakiresearch documented po ito ng foreign journalist…

          • panoorin nyo sa youtube GLORIA SOLD SPRATLEY TO CHINA. yan din ang gagawin ni duterte. ngayon palang binabaligtad na nya ang katotohanan

        • There are many stupid Dutertards who believe the lies peddled by this Duterte. Nagtataka pa ang iba na ang ibinoto nila si Duterte raw pero si GMA ang lumabas. GMA cronies are all back with vengeance! Mas masahol pa at pati CPP NPA at mga Oligarch Villars and other mapagsamantalang mga magnanakaw andyan na naman iniluklok ng tarantadong Duterte na ito.

          • Baka ikaw ang gago akala mo nmn kung sino kang mgaling wala ka nga ngawa sa bansa kung mka pang husga wagas akala mo kung sino na nag mamagaling! Ang feeling mo!

          • Hey stupid GUY first of all where do you live? if you live overseas you better learn how to SHUT UP but if you live in the Philippines right now maybe you’re blind. Do you understand why DUTERTE is doing this because we don’t have any capabilities to fight with China. Yes I myself feel bad about this, but the current administration is trying to salvage all the best dealings that they can do. The previous administration didn’t do SHIT to FIX THIS but to collect money for payment and be rich. I Understand US will support us if worst come to worst. But let me ask you this one question where do you think will be the battle field if war broke out between US, China and Russia???? Maybe you have a brain to answer this but let me help you it will be on our own backyard the PHILIPPINES. So once in a while you need to use your head and think. Do you think it will be better to solve this peacefully or war. I leave it there for you to think harder and before you say anything against our beloved PRESIDENT DUTERTE

        • bulag ka yatang bugok ka. hindi lahat ng nababasa mo ay totoo. ano ka batang paslit na maniniwala agad? ang engot mo naman. fighting a good fight daw. pinadala nya nga si trillanes doon. pagbalik nag sinungaling, sinabi walang chinese vessel at walang construction. pero ang totoo may mga chinese vessel doon. at malapit na magawa ang mga building na ginagawa ng china. nagtataka ka kung bakit ko alam? doon kami nangingisda. bugok!!

      • Ikaw ang bugok, si pnoy lang ang kumalaban sa China na pangulo sa pilipinas ng dahil Jan sa wps.. Hanggang ngayun sa atin patrin ang wps pero Ewan ko lang kapag nakaupo na ang pangulo mong traidor!!

        • Right… Duterte is making bola his minions/supporters na hindi nagbabasa at mga bulag when in fact it’s GMA at ang mga kasama nitong corrupt ang nakipag-deal sa China para ang China pasukin na lang ang ating WPS ng ganun ganun lang kapalit sa mga inutang ni GMA sa China kasama na dito ang ma-anomalyang NBN-ZTE deal. Si Pangulong PNoy lang ang tanging naglakas loob labanan ito sa UNCLOS kaya galit na galit ang China sa administrasyong Aquino. Sinuportahan ng China ang kandidatura nitong Duterte na ito.

          • PKM tanungin mo si AQUINO saan nya dinala yong INUTANG NYA NA MILYON MILYONG DOLYAR SA BANSA NG CHINA. kung sabihin nya sa yo na UTANG NGA YON SAAN NYA DINALA pero kung sabihin nya na wala syang INUTANG pwes BAYAD YON NG MGA ISLA NATIN SA WEST PHIL. SEA

      • Pinaglaban nga ni pnoy ang ating karapatan na tayo ang may ari ng WPS kaya nga nag file sila doon sa UN tribunal to fight our ownership then PNOY already sold it. Pinsara pls before you comment. How dare you!

    • …..( this man is out -of-his-“Mind” ) and yet get’s elected by a wide margin , ….”who’s outta their mind Him- Duterte OR the “VOTERS” ???

    • Gloria sold us. But she got caught. But to exonerate her, Duterte will insist that it wasn’t treason against the Philippines as Philippines doesn’t own Scarborough and Gloria is scott free! Thank you 15 Million for losing Scarborough!

  1. I disagree. Akala ko matapang siya. Ipagpapalit mo SOVEREIGNITY with 3 railways (na kikita pa sila o kaya maluluma)? This time duwag siya. We will not fight china physically (everybody knows that). We don’t have to. We simply have to make a STAND and say it internationally.

    • Ang tanong lang naman jan eh paano natin ipaglalaban yang island na yan? nanalo na tayo sa international court pero di natinag ang china at tuloy pa rin ang construction nila sa isla. it’s a message.. china dont give a shit about it. Hindi sila takot sa US, or sa RUSSIA or sa kahit sino pa man. Ang iniiwasan ni Duterte dito ay, giyera. Pag nagka giyera sa tingin nyo ano ang stand ng Pilipinas? kaya ba nating lumaban sa china? tutulong ba sa atin ang amerika? Sa tingin nyo ba walang tutulong sa China kung magkaron ng world war? Duterte will not risk the lives of his soldiers, ang buhay ng mga inosenteng tao na maaaring madamay sa gulo.

      hindi po karuwagan ang magparaya. matatapang ang mga pilipino. alam natin kung paano nakipaglaban ang pinoy sa kastila at sa mga hapon. pero sa kabila non, nasakop pa rin nila tayo. bakit? kasi malakas sila. malakas ang sandata nila. at sa puntong ito, ganon pa rin ang sitwasyon natin laban sa china.

      • Ghie,

        You are making valid points sa mga kababayan natin na already in war towards each other in FB. Good on you, maybe they can read all night and re think all about the issues with China. Rational thinking is what our President is doing, we can not have it all. Solutions to our bigger problems is what really matter, not to create war.

      • Absolute Righr ka dyn,,all things get in a peace talk and calm
        What the use of this sea? If filipino fisherman can do fishing now without in danger,,in return duterte ask a help for bridges which can do more better for our transportation system,,to those who are only talking negative better change your attitude for a better tomorrow help duterte rather that he will success for a new beginning wag na lng siang dakdakan wala nmn kayong maibigay na goodsides sa gnong negative thinkers nyo!

      • Ghie, i totally agree with you. Ang pag paparaya ay hindi kaduwagan. At hindi naman yan makakabawas or makakadagdag sa economiya ng pinas ang wps kundi puro war lang at waisting of time, mas marami pangmahalagabg bagay na dapat tutukan ang bagong administration na totally makakatulong sa pag unlad ng bansa natin d yang katiting na bagay peru sa huli malaking tagasak ng dugo ang ma idudulot neto. May kasabihan tayu “having a soft heart in a cruel world is not a weakness, it’s a strength”.

    • STAND? This is no longer Filipino against Filipino like EDSA. This is Filipino against China. There is no such thing as stand unless there is war. Even if we will win the arbitration, even if the world is watching, no one will fight for the Philippines that is the truth, take it or leave it. Saying it internationally will it make a difference? There are many countries that experience this, words and claims has no good result except if they win the war.

      • That’s why we have EDCA and VFA exactly for this purpose. The mighty US and other allies like Japan and Australia are ready to help us defend the WPS. Globally, there is a threat as trilions of dollars trade passes through these waters alone. Kudos to PNoy Aquino for fighting China at UNCLOS that will give legality to our allies should the looming war starts soon! Bugok yan si Duterte kasama nyang si GMA. Look around them they are vultures. Both are pro-China.

  2. I think there’s something drastically wrong with this policy of negotiating with China who violated international law by invading and militarising islands belonging to Philippines. Great nations of the world like UK, USA and Russia became great as they are because their people fight for their land, freedom and liberty against foreign invaders. They kick invaders asses – they don’t kiss them!

    • hahahaha ang sabihen mo si kalbu ang nag binta sa islang yan at baka di mo lang alam boong pilipenas binenta na ng walang hiyang mga aqueno na yan: Kahit wala na ako sa pinas piro nasasaktan din ako dahil dyan ako ipenanganak. At isa pa bakit sisihen ninyo si Mayor du30. Mga tanga talaga kayo,,, hoy gumiseng na kayo at alamin ninyo ang katutuhanan, panay ang putak ninyo na parang tanga.. Kitangkita ang ibedensya sa pan luluko ng mga walang hiyang aqueno na yan. mag nanakaw sa pera ng bansa natin ,, Dapat nya bitayen narin para matapos na ang pag hiherap ng Pilipenasssssssssssssssssss

  3. Jan ako hindi agree sa yo Digong. We have to claim what is ours under international law. The law is on our side here so we must insist that it is ours. Kawawa naman mga kababayan natin mawawalan ng kabuhayan dahil sa unggoy na mga insik yan. Please reconsider your stand. Esep esep muna baka mapurnada pa tayo dahil sa atin ne eh ibibigay pa sa iba..

  4. Kahit isang paso lang ng buhangin yan, pag sa atin …….SA ATIN!! Alang alang sa soberanya at karangalan ng ating Bansa … Hindi pwedeng ibigay yan ng basta na parang kendi na ibinibigay sa bata para tumahan!!! Isang kalapastanganan sa inang bayan ang isuko nang walang kalaban laban ang sarili nitong likas yaman sa mga dayuhan,…..anung susunod ? Panu paghiningi ang Palawan,Mindanao ,cebu,leyte,masbate, negros, bohol “anu to islands for free”…ganun nalang ba yon,basta hiningi ng kaaway ipapamigay nyo na lang???

  5. For a while I thought I made the right decision of choosing Mayor Duterte to be our new president. But as time passes by and during his political campaign i kinda learn the kind of person he is and the how he express his goal about the future of the Philippines especially the issue on Spratly. Damn it is so alarming to hear from this moron his stand on this matter like he wants the Philipines to withdraw our interest on this island if the Giant China refuses to let go their claim. With the series if weird statements he delivered from the cursing of pope, joking about rapes and showing off his being an inconsiderate macho man I am now withdrawing my vote and I will say I am a Filipino and WILL VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT DUTERTE!!

  6. Smart thing to do. Philippines has no military power and no money to explore our wealth such as oils, gold mines, fish industry etc. sooner or later China can take the Philippines in a heart bit. Kaya why not make a deal with China. Philippines is a mouse and China is a lion when it comes to power, nothing can stop China unless the Lord Jesus Christ will intervene and deliver our country.

  7. Duterte’s idea isnt at all illogical. Consider this analogy. May-ari ka ng bukid pero over the years idle dahil ala ka kalabaw at araro to till the soil. So isang option mo get someone to provide you with carabao at araro para mapagyaman ang bukid mo. Yong assertion of sovereignty isantabi muna, kasi it requires show of military power to enforce it. Wala tayo nito.

  8. From his action and pronouncements this candidage Duterte is not a Filipino, cannot be trusted, is a coward and most of all, I believe he has not even a basic knowledge about UNCLOS. He is most of the time just OPEN HIS MOUTH without thinking. Nationalism and Patriotism he does not have either.

    • hoy bumalik ka muna sa grade school at alamin ang history ng SCS. hindi naman talaga lahat yan sa pinas!!! sus galit ka lang kay Du30 eh!

      • Tanga! Kulang ka sa pananaliksik at pag intindi kaya ka napapaikot nila Tatay Digonggong at mga kasamahan nitong kurakot na sila GMA at mga bataan nito.

  9. Sa mga nakapag aral dyan.siguro naman naging subject nyo din sa elementary ang sibika at kultura?search nyo po sa google ang west philipine sea ay kama kailan lamang tinawag na West Philippine Sea sapagkat mula pa noon ay South China Sea na ang pangalan nito.inshort hindi talaga pag aari ito ng pinas.

  10. Tricky un! Remember trilliones went 16 times to China and China now building infrastructure now in LP term! They already make money on it! Tuta si trilliones ng LP! They want all d blame to go to the next president. Try to analyzed.

    • TOTOO po ba yan? Panu po namin malalaman ako at ng ibang pilipino NA kulang SA mga impormasyon kc Hindi po lhat may access SA mga pgkukuhanan ng info SA sitwasyon ng bansa. Hindi po lhat SA amm may internet. Kung dpa mag load ng PNG internet at kung walang smart phone patuloy kming magiging IGNORANTE SA kung sino ba SA knila ANG magtatanggol SA sambayanan.

      • Trillanes is under payroll of the previous government. Mam ikaw po mag aral. Kaasar ka eh. Mamaru ka. Mamarunong

      • cynthia, ikaw na lang mag presidente… paalisin na natin sa pwesto si duterte or ipa impeach natin agad… total wala kwenta si duterte diba… di natin kailangan ang bagong presidente… gusto ko ikaw ang president…

  11. In last years statement of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he said “that before any concessions be made between the two countries, Philippines must accept first that The whole South China Sea belongs to the China with indisputable sovereignty then any deals could be brokered”.

    Sovereignty is synonymous to ownership, so to follow China and Duterte’s logic or agree with their pre-condition to negotiation, no bilateral negotiation will happen; instead, it will be just plain SURRENDER and MENDICANCY with diplomacy, which the Philippines (negotiator/s) can do.

  12. Do not sell Philippines territory as if it is just a toilet paper factory. We should fight for our right to claim what is exactly within our territorial proximity and naval jurisdiction.

      • kala siguro nila astig sila dahil matalino sila kasi nagaaral sila. Eh digong hindi nagaaral Elected president. Ang bobo. Hindi mga nag aral bumoto dyan. Kagaya mo ang bumoto sa kanya. Mga walang alam.

        Astig si Digong sa UN!

  13. dahil nga bininta.. if u haven’t seen a video nung binatikos ni Enrile si Trillanes kng anong pinag-uusapan nila sa China ehhh hindi sumagot at nag walk-out pa!!! dahil nga bininta na ni Aquino ang Pinas sa China!!!!!!! hayyyy

    • buti pa yung ibang bansa, pwera ang tsina, ay nagmamalasakit sa atin gaya ng US, japan, s. korea, mga bansang ASEAN, Autralia, India, atbp….

  14. Duterte, he’s just a piece of shit type of guy.. Same like a dog who kept barking but he won’t bite!.. We have an International Law”!!,.. any island within 200 nautical miles along the shore lines of every countries is belong to them!””.. Wake up guys!.. The island was just 120 nautical miles from The Philippines!. Therefore it’s belong to the Filipino’s!!!!….. Its more than 500 nautical miles from China, so how can it be belongs to them?!. Duterte, doesn’t know fuck all about economy nor, international law’s!,, He’s a retard!!…

  15. Treason is a big word. I am not saying that I will be happy to surrender our cause pero if ever he really take that stand, I will understand. Kasi wala tayo sa posisyon ng presidente to easily say that taking a peaceful path is treachery. And someone has to make that decision. Ano ba ang gagawin nyo kung ayaw ng China sumunod kahit sa mismong international rulings na sinasandalan natin? Handa ba tayo to go to war? Kayo ba ang pupunta sa front line pag nagkataon? Handa ba kayong sirain ng China ang buong Pilipinas para sa piece of good area? A good president will not easily put the lives of unwilling people para mamatay para sa wala. Kasi sure naman na di tayo mananalo sa China sa ngayon.. They will still get what they want anyways. Ego for the lives of the entire nation? Lawakan din natin minsan ang ating pagiisip bago tayo magkomento ng mabibigat na salita. All we can do now is to strive harder para palakasin ang economy natin nang matustusan natin ang needs natin for a good defense in the near future.

  16. Don’t believe this write up. Believe what you actually heard Duterte say. During the final debate on April 24, 2016, he said he will ride a jet ski and plant the Philippine Flag at the PH-Chinese borderline and dare the Chinese to shoot him. When he becomes President and the PH wins its case at the UN Arbitral Tribunal, the DFA and seasoned foreign policy experts will be able to advise him and refine his stand on how a combined hard and soft power approach will enable the PH to pursue its interests vis-a-vis China and regional peace and economic development.

  17. ang dami nyong sat sat…
    yung administrasyon nga kumita na dyan
    tapos tong bagong papasok nag paplano palang (kung magppresidente)…
    bakit nyo isisi kay du30 ang lupang naipagbili na ng kampo ni pnoy?

  18. Bakit ba napakahirap aminin na walang kakayahan ang Pilipinas na angkinin ang mga isla doon? Hindi natin KAYA, kanila na lang…!

  19. Correct!! Di na natin maipipilit ang Scarborough Shoal kung di na naman tayo ang may-ari. Pano mo pa maipaglalaban ang Scarborough Shoal e ibinenta na nga ng Aquino government at si Trillanes pa ang backdoor negotiator.

    • If you believe that PNoy sold us ou ot China, why don’t you file a case of treason. Let’s do some research for hard evidence not just what people says. Talk is cheap.

  20. Saan na ang resibo, jejejeje. Joke lag. Ang ibig sabihin ni duterte, kung sabihin natin na atin dapat panindigan.at ipaglaban. That is his ways of expressing desperation. Hindi ibig sabihin ebenta. Alam nyo na that he is sarcastic. Kung dili mapuslan nato kay wala tay gihimu, mas maayo mapuslan sa uban . Ano ang gamit ng mga pag aari at bagay kung hindi naman ginamit.

  21. Mag ingat sa mga mapanirang politikong desperado. Gagawin ang lahat para patuloy na siraan at gamitin ang people power para patalsikin ang hindi pa nakaupong presidente. Huwag basta bastang maniwala.. magresearch muna.

  22. Mag ingat sa mga mapanirang politikong desperado. Gagawin ang lahat para patuloy na siraan at gamitin ang people power para patalsikin ang hindi pa nakaupong presidente. Huwag basta bastang maniwala.. magresearch muna. Ang mga desperadong politiko only creates division among us.

    Magtulungan at magkaisa tayo para matupad ang tunay na pagbabago.

  23. duterte will make a bad example by dealing with thieves of properties he showed coward and greedy for 3 railways that mr xi to offer, the oil alone is worth multi billion of pesos, if exist the properties, is worth more 3 railways and your phillipines reputation will mark as coward presedent, what is it maybe he is being bribe by mr xi jingping , better noy noy atleast his not backing off and he stay firm with unclos law that also mr xi agree on,…. the judge will throw the book in his face containing the rule of the land sea, his violation to the asian nieghbors such as vetnam and others is not forgiven still stand until he goes away and leave the fishermen in peace. what a greedy and thieves chinese official, and duterte is coward man sided to them. i am ashame of him his not fit for president his plan are no certainty no layout plan 75 poverty and 65 unemployment where is going to get fund to turn the country around his like movie star just risen up to for film that is man made story all fake and so is fake promises and why his hot on addicts he wants to destroy them rather than help them what kind of president is that a murdering his own cetizen his own people rather than facilitate them and treat them with issues, to recover, his human rights abuse . gave me a break.

    • Ikaw na matapang ano naman sulusyon na naisip mo para malunasan ang problema natin sa pinag uusapang teritoryo, ano gyera? kung kayo ay masyado ng desperado marami pa sa bansa natin ang matino ang pag iisip, kaya ba ng Pilipinas na makipag gyera sa China, gumising kayo oy sa bangungut na umalipin sa utak nyo. Tama si incoming President Duterte daanin sa matinong pag uusap hindi sa backdoor o gapangan para tayong mga walang natutunan sa eskwelahan, magbalik aral kayong mga matatapang pag aralan nyo ang kasaysayan ng dagat na pinagkaguluhan ng mga bansang gustong umangkin nyan.

      • Akala ko magjejetski siya dun? Ngayon na nakaupo siya benta na lang. Ang hirap talaga kayo kausapin. Pabagobago.

  24. First of all, the PHL is not claiming the west PHL sea as its territory. What is pending in the Hague arbitration is the issue of whether the 9-dash line claim of China is valid or not. Because the implication is that the 9-dash line of China means it claims the whole of west PHL sea including parts of our 200 EEC and scarborough shoal as its territory based on their historical claim. Thats the reason why China reclaimed and built artificial islands among reefs, shoals and protuding rocks in the west PHL sea due to their belief in their claim. What we are fighting for is to invalidate China’s 9-dash line claim based on their historical facts. That the west PHL sea is an international water where free trade passes through. China is clever enough to build artificial islands as fast as it can before the decision of our case comes out this May or June and claim it as a de facto rule.

    • Precisely. We are contesting what’s ours as provided under an international convention in which China itself is a signatory. 9-dash line is based on China’s historical facts whereas the 200 EEZ is based on a more recent (hence more binding) international agreement of which China is part. The Chinese government has expressed its position of non-compliance with whatever decision will be reached some time this month. It would then up to the international community to unite and decide on what measures to adopt to compel China to abide by that decision.

      • Thanks for the info sir,,,anyway napakalapit po nito sa palawan so kamimunang maapektuhan kung sakali,sana maayus naman s amagandang usapan to ni pres du30

    • First of all, he wants to cut math out of the baic school curriculum. And his fans just love it! His fans yang mga pro duterte na yan talagang namanipula sila ng propaganda machinery ni duts. Sabi though ng isang bobotante, she wrote Digong, Gloria ang lumabas….And they think Change is Coming…..Dumber than dumb.

  25. msydo kau mdaming cnsbi.. ipaglaban n s atin ang west philippine sea bkt anu laban ng pilipinas s china s liit ng bansa ntn isang bombahan kng d2 lahat tau patay atska isa p sobrang hirap mkpgtalo s isang bansa n ayaw nmn mkpgtalo mgkkrun lng ng gera ang pinakamagandang paraan tlga eh gumawa ng mgndang deal n both country ang mgbebenefit pg gnun maiiwasan ang gulo at bka makakuha p tau ng strong bond s china. pgkatiwalaan nyo presidente nyo bnoto nyo yn db? kya wlang asenso pilipinas eh wlang pgkakaisa

  26. “In last years statement of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he said that before any concessions be made between the two countries, Philippines must accept first that The whole South China Sea belongs to the China with indisputable sovereignty then any deals could be brokered”.–Mr. Wang Yi, in the very first place your premise for a discussion is wrong. Before having this premise you have to prove first that the whole of China sea is yours…you have a one sided reasoning…I don’t believe in you…

  27. Ang daming may alam dito. Yayabang pa, kala mo madaming nagawa sa bansa. Giyerahin nyo China kung gusto ninyo. Hayaan na lang sa Presidente ang desisyon na yan. Kung maka asta eh parang kanila ang lupa.

  28. E bugok pla kau eh, atin nman tlga ang west philippine sea, dati nang pumunta at nag tayo nang Flag yung Philippine Navy naten, 1970’s, nung time pa ni Marcos. May mga pictures pa nyan, E kaso after Marshal Law tuluyan nang humina ang pinas, at sa na ibenta nang mga traidor na administrasyon ang West Philippine sea. Aanhin ni Du30? gsto mo magpakamatay? wla na tayong laban di gaya dati nung time ni Marcos.

  29. That is the most rational way to deal about it,exercising international laws in contesting it is deemed futile.China has and always been displaying insolence in disregarding international laws and obstinate in casting off international appeals.War can never be an option,for obvious reason and US won’t risk regional stability nor break diplomatic ties for our sake.We should have a slice of the pie,than non at all..

  30. ang tatapang nyo magsalita about treason etc……tang ina nyo!!!bkt may fire power ba kayo para ipaglaban ung sinasabi nyong stin? at tang ina nyo ulit matatapang kayo porket di kau ang pupunta dun at mag bubuwis ng buhay matatapang kau bkt hindi kau magsabi sa mukha ni duterte na mali sya at kau maipadala dun pra lumaban utak monggo mga tao!!!!cge mag reply kau skin mapapahiya kayo!

  31. Hay naku ang daming matalino sa bansang ito kaya walang nangyari paurong nang paurong, maliit pa lang ako nabasa ko na kung paano hinangaan ang Pilipinas dito sa Asia noon, pero ngayon anong nangyari tayo na yata ang pinaka kulilat, ang pinaka dahilan nyan ang sobrang demokrasya sa bansang ito lahat na lang pwede kaya nga may kasabihan sa english na ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Pareho kayo tama at pareho ding mali, ilang pangulo na ba ng bansa ang nakipag usap dyan sa mga insik na yan pero walang nangyari, hanggang sa inutusan ni pinoy si trillanes na gapangin ang mga insik pero ang problema ayaw sabihin sa madla kung ano ang pinag usapan nila kahit wala sa tono si trillanes dahil wala nga siyang karapatan na makipag usap directly sa mga insik lalo na kung ang pag uusapan ay ang problema sa teritoryo ng dalawang bansa. Ngayon papasok ang bagong halal na pangulo na may pinaka mataas na trust rate, hayaan muna natin siya na ipakita ang kaniyang kakayahan sa paglutas sa problema, katulad sa problema sa insurhensiya, kaguluhan na ang NPA ang may kagagawan pero kung mapababa ni Duterte ang mga NPA mula sa kabundukan at bumalik sa normal na buhay ay napakalaking biyaya yon para sa ating mga karaniwang mamayan at makahinga na ng matiwasay ang ating mga pulis at sundalo at kung magawan ng sulusyon ang problema dito sa amin sa Mindanao na may kaugnayan sa awayan ng mga kapatid nating Muslim ay napakaganda na ng ating buhay di ba. Tama si incoming President Duterte hindi natin kayang girahin ang China dahil lang sa maliit na isla at ang mapinsala naman ay ang buong bansa, huwag nating hayaan na ang kaunting pera ng bansa natin ay ibili lang ng mga armas para girahin ang mga insik, walang mangyayari sa buhay natin nyan ang daming nagugutom sa bansa natin. Huwag tayong masyadong mag react na parang alam na natin ang lahat ng bagay.

  32. matagal ng ibinenta ni Aroyo yan hahaha kaya mas gusto ng China si Aroyo kaysa kay Aquino.. Dont blame everything to Duterte dahil wala siyang kasalanan, remember nung ginisa ni Enrile si Trillanes when he went to China 16 times? anong tawag dun? tapos sinabi pa nya na with President Aquino’s permission kaya hindi nya sinabi na nagpunta pala sya ng china.. kung naging matino lang sana ang presidente ninyong si Panot hindi na sana ganito kalaki ang problema…tapos ngayon si Duterte ang sisihin niyo? bakit siya ba ang president noon? kung ano man ang problema ng china at philippines ngayon hindi po madali na e resolve yan..matagal na yang problema na yan hindi nga na resolve ng presidente ninyong si Panot eh hahaha basa basa din kasi pag may time hindi yung dakdak kayo ng dakdak..eh bakit kayo meron ba kayong nagawa para ibang laban ang karapatan natin sa west philippine sea? diba wala

    • Nakakatuwa, nagsimula ang lahat ng tumakbo si Mayor dun mismo kahit di natin aminin lumabas ang natural na talino ng mga Pilipino. Natutong tumingin sa kabilang bahagi ng katotohanan hindi yung sa kung ano lang ang nakikita ng mga mata at naririnig ng mga tenga. Natutong tumingin sa tama sa kabila ng mga pagkakamali. Natutong magingay at kumilos upang ipaglaban ang opinyon at karapatan hindi yung nananahimik na lamang. Napukaw muli ang interes sa kapaligiran at sa bayan hindi yung pansarili lamang ang pinaguukulan. Yan ang dala ng “DUTERTE SYNDROME” kaya siya magiging makasaysayan sapagkat pinagalab niya ang damdamin ng sambayanan. Kung ang paraan ni Gat Jose Rizal ay sa pamamagitan ng papel at pluma siya naman ay sa kakaibang karisma at tapang sa kilos at pananalita. Ganyan nga mga kababayan, magtalo ktyo sa opinyon dahil yan ay magandang senyales na tayo ay gising na. Magtalo at magkuro hanggang dumating sa iisang tema. Yan ang kinatakutan ng mga dayuhan noon. Nagsimula sa pagtatalo na sa huli ay nauwi sa pagkakaisa ng damdamin bilang magkakapatid na anak ng Inang Bayang Pilipinas. Hindi mangmang si Mayor at alam niya na tayo ang nagloklok sa kanya sa silya at tayo rin ang babawi kung magkakamali siya. Kailangan niya tayong lahat para igiya at patagin ang daan niya para sa bagong henerasyon at hinaharap ng ating Inang Bayan. Matalino si Mayor at nakikita ko ang bawat galaw niya sa kanyang mga piyesa. Isang matalinong manlalaro ng chess at dama. Abangan natin sa end-game at makikita niyo na tayo at ang ating bansa ang panalo mga kababayan ko at kapatid ko sa Islam man o sa Kristiyano.

    • Napakatalino ni PNoy kaya nga dinaan nya sa UNCLOS ito. Ibinenta ni GMA ang WPS kapalit ng ilang bilyong dollarsna kinurakot nila kasama na dito yung maanomalyang NBN ZTE deal. Ang gusto ng China sa bilateral talks, admit ng Pinas na China ang nag mamay-ari ng WPS bago sila makipag usap. Sino ang tanga ngayon? Di ba kayong mga naniniwala sa mga salita ng Duterte nyo?

      • Natumbok mo. Dahil sa kagagawan Ng Arroyo administration, ito ang naging resulta. Umasa na lang tayo na umayon sa atin ang desisyon Ng UNCLOS. At kayong nagsasabing ang Aquino administration ang May kasalanan, magresearch din kayo.

  33. Treason kayo jan ng treason,hala sige kayo ang humarap sa china and make a stand..Dami nyong satsat,eh hindi nga tayo marunong maglinis ng paligid natin.Tingnan nyo nga ang dagat ang daming basura.Buti pa ang china napanatili nilang malinis ang dagat nila eh tayo angkin ng angkin sa spratley eh puro naman mga damak..Iihi sa dagat magtapon ng basura sa dagat,magbago muna tayo bago tayo maglakas loob na sabihin na atin ang spratley.Kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng china na sa kanila ang island na yan ,hindi naman nila ma dedeny na mas malapit sa pilpinas ang spartley,kaya lang may machines sila kasi mayaman sila kaya wala silang pakialam kung anuman ang sabihin ng pinas.At tsaka who knows kung naibenta na nga ng previous admin ang island na yan eh ano pa ang magagawa ni duterte..Sa ngayun hindi importante ang pag angkin ng property,ang mas importante eh makapagsimula uli ang pilipinas at ibalik sa dati.Magsisimula ang pagbabagong yan kung willing din tayo.

  34. This article is so 20 yrs ago. Look for Duterte’s interview by CNN Philippines on the night of the May 9 elections. He mentioned his real take on this issue there.

    • Yan kc hirap sa flip flopping statements!
      Walng isang salita! Diba ang salita ng hari di mababali?
      Ah pwera pala kung sya mismo ang babali!
      Hehehe 😛

  35. You want to understand Duterte you have to be a realist, see the world in his eyes. Look at what’s happening, look closely, what can you make out of the situation. The Scarborough is long gone and in the hands of the Chinese. So how can he sell something that is already in the hands of the buyer? Are these Chinese stupid to pay for something that they already have, it was already sold or given to them by the past administration and Duterte is just very blunt in telling you the news that we can’t do anything about it.

    You might want to read more books on how territorial works. During the medieval era where boarders was a blur. A government must enforce its will to its governed land. If it cannot impose its power then most likely it will lose that territory. No amount of your words and patriotism will ever change the fact that China the only one who enforces its will to Scarborough whether we like it or not. That is the ways of the old. Duterte is a realist, that is the gravity of the situation and filipinos are still on the stage of denial.

    Don’t get me wrong, I never said that China has full rights of Scarborough. It was never theirs until recently, when a country is ruled by a weakling the enemy always take advantage of the opportunity.

    Now, this is how Duterte thought process works. First accept the fact that we lost Scarborough from China, accept the reality that we no longer have any control of that area, accept the truth that we can’t do anything about it. List all the situational events, that is the only way you can come up with a solution. His only resolve is to make use of the deal so that we get at least little from what we lost, either that or we get none.

    So what’s it gonna be, get little or get none?

  36. Troll site. they just created protection the month of may.

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  37. Papano kaya ang magyari kung sa susunod sabihin ng Tsina sa kanila and Mindanao atin din ibibigay dahil hindi nating kayang panindigan?

  38. Paano kung pagkatapos nito sabihin ng Tsina sa kanila ang Mindanao ibigay din natin dahil hindi nating kayang ipaglaban ang ating karapatan?w

  39. Papano po kung pakatapost nito sabihin ng Tsina ang Mindanao ay kanila ibibigay din natin dahil hindi nating kayang ipalaban ang ating karapatan?

  40. dati sb ni duterte magjejetski pa xa at maglalagay ng bandila ng Pilipinas sa gitna nun,tpos ngyn ndi sten un..iba iba cnsb nya..prang may mali!?!haha..
    mas malapit di hamak s Pilipinas ang sea na un, bkit mggng sa China un aber?

  41. This is sad. Before anything is said, he should have wait for the decision of UNCLOS. Philippines have a good stand, the problem is in the enforcement of the UN ruling. Who will enforce the law if it favors the Philippines?

  42. Dios mio! The President has not even taken his oath and you all are fighting for your rights. Let him do the action first and then you all can scream to high heavens because this controversy cannot be solved through the mouth. This is an international scenario and if any of you think you can do better with a little learning, which is dangerous, then you run for the Presidency. That is, if you can tackle China with a magic wand!

  43. Sigue! Mag away kayo lahat. Walang paki ang President sa mga sat sat. Let him do his thing and then you all go for it when the action is there. If any of you really know what to do with China, why did you not run for presidency?

  44. benenta ni ninoy ng SABAH sa malaysia at ito namang anak nyang si noynoy binenta ang SCARBOROUGH sa china..sila ay ng commit ng treason =patayin dapat

  45. Mga kababayan hindi pa nakarating ng Malakanyang ang bagong halal na pangulo masyado kayong apurado , bakit hindi ninyo siningil si panot, anong nakipaglaban si aquino? Bakit di ninyo siya tanungin kung anong inutos nya kay trillones na 16 na beses pumunta sa china, ang lagay ba ay nagsariling kalooban si trillones o may nagbayad sa kaniya at kung malinis ang misyon nya bakit ayaw nyang ipahayag sa senado na doon siya dapat mag uulat. O ano kailangan pa bang pag isipan yan O ano sa palagay nyo mga depender ng mga kawatan ay mga bobo kaming mga nasa silent majority. Mabuti pa itikom nyo mga mabaho nyong bunganga dahil bistado na kayo.

  46. Stand? if they say no, bring it up to the international tribunal, If they say no again? fight a war with China? Do you guys think that our allies will help us? They might after so many millions casualties. Declaring war with China is suicide, baka wala pang isang araw ang giyera at ubos na tayo. I think PH is not ready to deal with this issue because of its own problems. Focus on fixing the problems in the PH first, once we are ready then let us face China again. Reality check guys, not pinoy pride

  47. He is just a president for 5 years, he don’t own the Philippines and don’t own the Filipinos. He should consult the Filipino people for any matters regarding the Spratly islands and Philippines west sea. We can not allow him to make his own decisions that matter national interests.

  48. China shall never give up all South China Sea. The Philippines must not give up the territory if the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines. Three railways will be obsolete in 100 years ahead, but the Philippine territory will forever bring wealth to the Philippines.

  49. I am against selling the territory in exchange for 3 railways. China shall never give up all S.outh China Sea. The Philippines must not give up the territory if the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines. Three railways will be obsolete in 100 years ahead, but the Philippine territory will forever bring wealth to the Philippine

  50. I am against selling the territory in exchange for 3 railways. China shall never give up all S.outh China Sea. The Philippines must not give up the territory if the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines. Three railways will be obsolete in 100 years ahead, but the Philippine territory will forever bring wealth to the Philippines.

  51. Dami talagang bobo sa pinas kaya kahit sino na lang nagwawagi sa election…artista, militar, religion, boxer, showbiz pati fictional character pwede manalo. Tingnan ninyo and magiging presidente ngayon, kenkoy! Tapang tapang pakita noong election. Mag jetski pa ako doon at itayo ang bandila ng Pilipinas. Kung patayin nila ako maging hero. Ayan na ang Superhero ninyo. Hanggang salita lang. Ngayun puro excuse na. Walang binatbat. Kuha na nya mga boto ng mga utouto eh. FYI sa mga utouto, nangyari mga backdoor dealings na yan during GMA admin. Kung hindi nyo maalala kasi wala talaga kayung alam. Nagumpisa noong 2005. Oil exploration daw kuno. Binebenta na pala ng GMA ang mga isla. Kung hindi nga lang na expose and ZTE deal baka pati Manila sa China na.

  52. Habang binabasa ko yun mga comment nyo? Parang yun iba hindi binasa mabuti at hindi naintindihan? Nakakalungkot lang kasi na ang gagaling magsalita ng iba saatin pero hindi naman pinag iisipan yun mga sinasabi yun bang bulalas lang ng bibig? Marahil estudyante palang ako at yun iba naman dito may pamilya na at propesyonal na! Nakakalungkot lang isipin na ganyan pa mag isip yun iba saatin.

  53. Yes pinoy put a good fight with WPS…sabi ng intsik na kausap last month galit sila kai pinoy kasi ini insist nya na sa pinas ang WPS…naturingan pa namang intsik siya…imbes na panig sa china kasi may dugong intsik si pinoy pero sa pinas siya pumapanig…

  54. Sad truth if China wage war to us.. even we fight to the bravest act.. We cant win at this time.. but if we make plan for the future still there is time for us.. We can build and arms to make a good fight just minimized corruption.. we can wait and see like them this is thier time.. remember as they gain power they gain also enemy..

  55. You, sir, are not only a selfish asshole, but you’re a coward. You didn’t have the balls to stand and fight for what was yours, instead you chose to flee and force others into a fight that wasn’t even theirs to begin with.


  56. pataposin nio muna ang termino ni du30 bilang president..katulad kay pnoy matatapos na ang kanyang termino bilang presidente ng sa gayon ay ma.icompare naten kung sino ang may malaking nagawa sa kanila para sa sambayanang pilipino…

  57. Nkklungkot n mrami s komento dto agree n ibigy nlng ang wps s china if d mdadaan s mgndang usapn kung gnun ang pananaw ng nkakarami ihanda nyo n ang sarili nyo n unti untiin n nila ang pilipinas n angkinin. Wala n rin yn pingkaiba s gyera dhil kpg n angkin n nla ang pinas pra nrin nla tyong pinatay ng walang klaban laban. Mg isip kyo gsto nyo bang mamatay ng walng klban lban or mamatay k man atleast lumaban ka.

  58. d pa nauupo si duterte dami na tira bat d nyo tirahin yang insik na si penoy at mga kaalyado nya pork barrel king at author of yolanda funds and leaving behind trillions of pesos without doing anything projects only corruptions wow d pa upo si duterte sabi nyo na ibenta pinas sa china when si arroyo and his successor penoy ang mga author ng lahat ng kalokohan sa bansa yang trillanes na yan tauhan ni penoy ilang 16 beses punta sa china palihim so anong sadya nya doon of course money matters at outgoing pres dugong insik sino kaya magkakaintindihan insik to insik saka may balita pa dami undocumented na mga chino sa bansa nagpabayad sa pamilya ng mga aquino para gawing legal status nila wala sense mga isip tira agad kay duterte d pa naupo

  59. Fact: Problema ng Pinas, maraming tao ang “feeling know it all”, pero wala namang nagawa. Hindi pa nga naupo ang bagong Presidente, inunahan nyo na. Sure ba kayo na reliable ang source na to? Baka haka2x lang din to para masiraan lang. Hayaan muna natin sya gawin trabaho nya bago tayo mag assume kung ano2x jan. Kung gagawin man ni Pres. Du30 ang mga akusasyon nyo, e impeach nyo.

  60. Napanood nyo ba sa senado si trillanes ng tinanong ni enrile tungkol dyan sa schobarough shoul db. wala syang nasagot bagkus nagwalkout sya..ano ibig sabihin noon..tinanong sya kung bakit pabalik balik sya sa china..utos ni noynoy..sana inisip nyo rin kung bakit sya nagwalkout..maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw db.!!!

  61. The best way is to ask the rich countries to set up factories in Philippines to produce all what people needs in the whole world. We have now cheaper labor price than China. In that way, all people in the world can avoid Chinese products by buying cheaper Philippine products.

  62. Yes it our? the question…….it is more or less in the Philippine border line known as Part of Philipine territory……..Nobody live there and we never develop it for more couple of hundred years since we won against our independence in 1898…..it is unmmaned and open……Now the Chinese took it….
    Can we took it back….Big question to be answered….Yes we like it…Do you think the Chinese government will it give it back to us.The answer is surely no….That is the problem…It is either War or Diplomatic means.Even we won the diplomatic means the chinese will never give it back to us….can we retake it by force ? big problem.. The cost is lives of many Filipino to have war with China.It cost modern navy, modern weapon……Can we win that war to come..Big problem..think the cost,Man,Money and eqiotment of war……all of it wil be an will be to be answered..

  63. Issue ni enrile Kay trillanes galit c tanda sa pag backdoor nya kasi nabisto trabaho nila ng dati nyang boss the president before Aquino. Kay incoming president naman po kahit na umiwas nalang tayo sa gulo ang maging decision nya. Para yun sa kapakanan ng lahat ng mamayan ng bansa. Pero mgkaroon p din ng conflict dahil sa interest ng ating allied countries na freedom of navigation simply because maakpektuhan mga trade nila na dumadaan sa scs or wps.

  64. Ang dami ninyong tse tse buretse ito lang ang masabi ko walang ng pinaka matapang na tao sa mundo kung di ang duwag kasi kung lumaban patayan iyan, and the best way also to win your enemies is to make friends with them huwag na tayong mag sisihan , mag tulungan naman tayo para sa ikabubuti ng lahat , mag tanim at mamuhay ng marangal more power to you Mr President gawin lang kung ano ang tama saludo kami sa iyo godbless to all .

    • Trots…d2 nga Lang saten nakatira Ng libre pag pinaalis Ng may Ari tau pa galit at ngmamatigas..tapos ang gagaling nating magsalita at manghusga at manisi pero may nagawa ba tau ultimo basura d natin maihiwalay nabubulok Sa di nabubulok..d Ko nga mapakain mga anak Ko Ng 3 beses Sa isamg araw..tas pg ngkagiyera Edi back to zero tas may ISIS pa…naniniwala Paden aq d nasayang boto Ko..

  65. ang daming problema sa ating bansa at huwag na sanang dagdagan pa ang lider ng ating bansa ang UNCLOS ay dapat sundin at matagal na yan panahon pa ni pres. marcos na ang inaagaw ng hinayupak na CHINA ay atin. At huwag namang niyan ipamigay ang resources natin dahil mas malaki pa kayamanan dyan kesa ang 3 sinasabing railways ang pilipinas ipinagkaloob ng panginoon para sa atin at hindi para sa CHINA. ang made in china is substandard pa.At huwag na sanang dagdagan pa ng problema natin magiting na lider.kung sino man ang nasa likod ang pag-aagaw ng china philippine within territory ay dapat ma impeach o mabitay.


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