Foreign Tourist Elayne Peddy Has Final Message Over “Worst Vacation Experience” in El Nido

British tourist Elayne Peddy has message of gratitude for those who show “support, love and care” for her amidst her worst vacation experience in El Nido, Palawan that went viral all over the social media particularly in YouTube.

The video blogger who visited one of the country’s most popular destination for four days recently made rounds online after sharing her sentiments with regards to the discrimination she experienced during her stay here. She narrated that some locals have called her, “fat ugly monkey”, “fat girl” and “big, black fat girl”.

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But in her latest video, she started her message with a hug and a “massive thank you” and she ended it with a flying kiss.

Watch the final message of Elayne Peddy below.


She stated in her video that she was overwhelmed by the response of the Netizens. The British tourist also noted that she did not expect the impact of her story among other Filipinos.

“I can’t believe what this video has done,” she exclaimed. “It’s just me with my YouTube channel saying my feelings, that’s what I do, that’s what it’s about,” she further added.

The video she shared on the world’s largest video-sharing site has garnered more than 100,000 thousand views. It even landed as one of the hottest topic at the time on the Internet as it was reported in numerous news sites.

“This may start some form of awareness of how people feel when it comes to body image and the way they look,” she said.

Some netizens even got ire over the locals who treat her in that way. One of which is comedian Mikey Bustos who expressed apology in behalf of those who treated her wrongly.

However, she did not mention whether she will return to the country for a vacation or not.

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