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Isko Declares Day of Marcos Inauguration as Special Non-Working Holiday

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Isko Declares June 30 as Special Non-Working Holiday for Marcos Inauguration

Outgoing Manila Mayor Isko Moreno declared the inauguration day of president-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr as a holiday.

In order to offer Manilenos an opportunity to see President-elect Bongbong Marcos take office, the Manila Mayor proclaimed June 30, 2022, as a special non-working holiday in Manila City. The National Museum of the Philippines, located on Padre Burgos Avenue in Ermita, Manila, will host the inauguration.

“To ensure the safety, security, and protection of participants to this agencies of the national government, has to close various thoroughfare in and around the perimeter of the inaugural venue which will undeniably affect the flow of traffic both motorists and the riding public,” according to Executive Order no. 53.

“It is but fitting and proper that all citizens of the country, in general, and residents of the City of Manila, in particular, be given full opportunity to witness and welcome this significant event in the life of the nation,” he added.

Isko Marcos Inauguration

On June 30, Marcos and vice president-elect Sara Duterte are both expected to take office. Isko Moreno Domagoso, the Aksyon Demokratiko candidate running for president in the national elections of 2022, apologized to his party’s members in the meantime.

Sonia Roco, the party’s emeritus chairman, stated on Wednesday that the party was still appreciative of all of its members. While emphasizing that Aksyon Demokratiko’s membership increased by “400%” in the lead-up to the national elections, Domagoso expressed regret for losing the presidential contest.

With around 1.9 million votes, Domagoso finished the presidential election in fourth place. Despite the bad outcome, the party leader of Aksyon Demokratiko urged his colleagues to remain upbeat, particularly for those who had triumphed in their individual municipal elections.

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