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New York Times Report On Duterte’s Drug War Readable On Filipino

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Photojournalist Of New York Times Publish Report On Duterte’s War On Drugs Readable In Filipino

President Duterte’s war on drugs was featured in a report published by New York Times can be read in Filipino and 2 other languages.

Daniel Berehulak, a photojournalist in New York Times published a report the war on drugs amid Extrajudicial Killings (EJK) in the country. The journalist documented the drug-related cases including 57 homicide victims in the first 35 days under Duterte’s leadership. Daniel’s report is readable in three languages such as English, Spanish, and of course Filipino.

The report documented the 2, 000 people who lose their lives on the anti-narcotic operations of the police under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, who won as Philippine president last May 2016 and takes over the country’s highest position last June 30, 2016.

New York Times

The photo of 57 murder victims in 41 sites was shown in the report of Berehulak. The reporter said that he witnessed bloody scenes in public places such as train tracks, sidewalk, in a front of girls’ school, Mc Donald’s restaurant, and 7-11 stores.

The victims who had been slain by the police was featured in his report including Frederick Mafe, 48, and Arjay Lumbago, 23 when they were while riding on a motorbike, Michael Araja, 29, was also killed by two men riding also on a motorbike.

Daniel stated that he already experienced different kinds of crime as he covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also covers West Africa which is covered by death and fear in 2014.

New York Times

“What I experienced in the Philippines felt like a new level of ruthlessness: police officers’ summarily shooting anyone suspected of dealing or even using drugs, vigilantes’ taking seriously Mr. Duterte’s call to “slaughter them all. He said in October, ‘You can expect 20,000 or 30,000 more,'” said by Berehulak quoted by GMA.

Berehulak called “nanlaban” a bad joke, referring the murder victims who accused react violently against the authorities, which is the alleged cause of their death.


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