Manny Piñol Lambasts Mar Roxas On His Open Letter

Manny Piñol’s open letter to Mar Roxas goes viral.

Journalist Manny Piñol lambasted the Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas on his open letter published on Facebook. Piñol is known as an active supporter of the presidential frontrunner Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Manny Pinol

In the viral open letter, Manny Piñol said that he has been reading alarming statements these past few days from the administration bet and his camp. This includes when Roxas said that he doesn’t need the religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) to win.

Piñol made an assumption that there are only two reasons why he is releasing those statements. According to him, he is either propping up the morale of LP members or he is conditioning the minds of people for massive cheating.

Piñol enumerated also the reasons why Rpxas will not win against Duterte. He cited that the Davao City Mayor is leading the surveys and it will widen with INC’s endorsement.

He also wrote the Duterte will win in the Mindanao given the fact the country will have a president with Moro blood. He added that Roxas might lose on its hometown Capiz since he heard a lot of “grumblings: from the people there.

Piñol continued by saying that every time he attack Duterte with allegations, his supporters continue to defend him and he keeps on rising.

He also warned Roxas of the consequences if he will cheat this elections. He appealed to accept the will of people or else, he will destroy this country.

“Give it up like a gentleman. Accept the will of the people. Otherwise, you will destroy this country,” he wrote.

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