Quiboloy Offers Donation Of Jet, Helicopter To Duterte


Quiboloy offers Donation of Jet, Helicopter to Duterte so the president could go home to Davao everyday.

Quiboloy offers Donation

Quiboloy offers Donation of Jet and Helicopter once the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte formally assumes office on June 30 at no cost to the government. Quiboloy is a pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name congregation.

It has been known that during the campaign period, Duterte has extensively used Quiboloy’s aircraft in going to various places in the country, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is now offering him a jet he can regularly use as the President of the country. The two has been known to be close friends for a long time.

The pastor also said that Duterte could continue using his executive jet, a 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign Plus, and his Bell 429 helicopter for the next six years if he feels comfortable using them at no cost to the government. He even added that he is willing to shoulder the fuel for the aircraft without asking any favor in return.

Prior to this, the presumptive president has admitted he receives gifts from the pastor for Quiboloy including properties and cars, “When I was mayor, Pastor bought three properties. He said ‘I will buy properties for your children because if anything happens to you because of your work, if you die …’ because I really go after the criminals here. He gave me a house at Woodridge. I didn’t accept it. And it’s there. Go to Woodridge, who bought it? It’s Pastor who paid,” Duterte said




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