Friday, March 24, 2023

Prayer Rally Held By Duterte’s Supporters In San Francisco

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Prayer Rally Held By Duterte’s Supporters In San Francisco

Prayer rally held by Duterte’s supporters in San Francisco unity and change along Filipino people and also to honor the victims of Davao incident.

Supporters of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte held a prayer rally last week in front of Philippine Embassy in Washington DC. Honoring the victims and families of Davao incident is capped by a mass and it is also the prayer rally focus.

“Genuine change” is written in the slogans were more than 50 people participated the prayer rally from Migrante Northern California. Atty. Adnan Alonto, spokesperson of pro-Duterte coalition group said that they are praying for national unity.

Prayer Rally

“What we need now is unity for there are many forces that want to destroy the gains we had in the most recent elections. It is time for us to stand up and be counted. Let us stop being fence-sitters because the time to be such is over. It is time to stand for ourselves,” said by Adnan quoted global nation.

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