SSS CONTRIBUTION: How To Check It Through SMS / Text Message

Guide on How To Check SSS Contribution Through Text Message / SMS

SSS CONTRIBUTION – Here is a guide on how to check your Social Security System Contribution through SMS or text message.

A huge part of the Filipino populace is part of the Social Security System. More commonly called as SSS, it is a government insurance institution that takes charge of the insurance of private employees.

Aside from the employees of the private sectors and companies, a lot of self-employed individuals are also part of SSS. The members who are updated with their contributions are entitled to SSS benefits and SSS Loans.

With regards to the former, among the benefits offered by the SSS are sickness claim, maternity claim, retirement claim, death claim, and funeral claim.

In the case of SSS Loans, members of the state-run social insurance institution may be entitled to SSS Salary Loan, SSS Business Loan, and SSS Housing Loan.

To be eligible for the benefits and offers of the Social Security System, a member should reach the required number of SSS contribution of a certain benefit or loan offer.

With regards to the SSS contribution, you may check for it online or you may also check for it through an SMS or text message.

SSS Contribution

Based on an article in Pinoy Moneytalk, to check for your SSS contribution through an SMS or text message, follow the steps below:

  • Type SSS (space) CONTRI (space) SSS NUMBER (Space) DATE OF BIRTH
  • The date of birth should be in MMDDYYYY format.
  • Send to 288

According to the article, the fee per text message is Php 2.50. It is open for Globe, Smart, and Talk N’ Text subscribers.

Meanwhile, if you want to do it online, you may visit –
SSS ONLINE: How To Check Your Monthly SSS Member Contribution.

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