WHO Condemns Harming, Poisoning Monkeys in Brazil

WHO Condemns Attacks Against Monkeys in Brazil Over Pox Fears

The World Health Organization (WHO) has condemned the attacks against helpless monkeys in Brazil due to fear of pox.

The WHO has condemned the reported rock throwing and poisoning against monkeys in Brazil on the grounds that it is likely that these animals are where the spread of monkeypox began. According to WHO spokesman Margaret Harris, this is cruel to monkeys.

WHO Monkeys Brazil

She pointed out that human infection, not monkeypox, was what caused the outbreak, based on the report. Less than a week after three cases of monkeypox were verified, the story states that 10 monkeys in a Rio de Preto neighborhood were stoned and poisoned.

Harris claims that scientists in Denmark first linked the virus to monkeys, though it was later discovered in other animals like rats. Since May, there have been 28,100 confirmed cases of monkeypox outside of the West and Central African nations where it was first identified, with 12 of those instances ending in fatalities due to the virus.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health (DOH) claimed that the first monkeypox patient to affect the Philippines had already recovered and may soon be released from isolation. After the 21 days of isolation were up, the patient’s doctor gave the 31-year-old Filipino patient a clean bill of health, the DOH continued.

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