Alex Gonzaga Work at Diwata’s Paresan Now Trending

Alex Gonzaga’s recent video showcasing her assistance at Diwata’s Parmesan as a cook and salesperson has gone viral, drawing attention to the trending eatery.

Alex Diwata

A renowned vlogger with millions of views and followers, Alex seized the opportunity to create content alongside the “Pares Queen” herself, Diwata.

In the video, viewers witness Alex undergoing orientation directly from Diwata, where she was taught the proper processes of cooking and serving food to the hundreds of customers lining up.

Diwata’s journey from poverty to establishing a bustling pares business is truly remarkable. Starting from humble beginnings, she managed to accumulate savings and build her business, which now attracts throngs of people.

Diwata has also made appearances as an extra in Batang Quiapo, where she not only played a role but also sold pares himself.

Given the chance, Alex didn’t miss the opportunity to capture scenes with Diwata and her paresan, featuring them in her content just like other vloggers. The collaboration not only highlights the camaraderie between content creators but also sheds light on local businesses and the inspiring stories behind them.

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