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Philippine Stock Exchange Officially Launches PSE EASy Mobile App

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The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE) officially launched its mobile application called PSE Electronic Allocation System or PSE EASy.

Philippine Stock Exchange
Photo from the Philippine Stock Exchange

This platform was intended for local small investors who wanted to have an accessible way to subscribe to its initial public offerings (IPOs).

We are pleased to provide investors a more accessible way to subscribe to IPOs,” PSE President Ramon S. Monzon said. “After a one-time registration on the PSE EASy website, LSIs can use the app to subscribe to shares whenever there is an IPO.


The PSE EASy mobile app was introduced by the PSE in June 2019 in order to “increase participation in IPOs among LSIs and to expand the reach of the program.” The PSE shifted its platform from kiosks to online applications.

“For now, the website and app are for subscription purposes of IPOs only,” Monzon said. “We hope to maximize this digital solution to incorporate a payment facility and to utilize the platform for other types of offerings.”

The PSE EASy mobile app, according to the PSE, can be used for the subscription for local small investors during the initial public offering of Fruitas Holdings, Inc., a food and beverage kiosk operator, which already started last November 18. As of this writing, you can only download this mobile app on Android phones through the Google Play Store.

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