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Viral Singing Janitor

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Edd Heinrich
Edd Heinrich
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Viral singing janitor of a General Hospital is now the hot trend on the social media.

Viral singing janitor in a general hospital in Bataan is now a new online sensation.

According to a report, the singing janitor was named as Rico Ongoco, 35-year-old, went viral on the social media.

In a recent report from the ABS-CBN news, Rico was inspired by the patients to sing during his working hours inside the general hospital.

Rico’s golden voice caught the heart and attention of one netizens who was amazed by his talent. The netizen was named as Joey Martillana Ignacio who uploaded his video on the social media that went viral.

viral singing janitor

Many of the netizens reacted to the video. The video showed that the janitor was singing while cleaning the floor of the hospital.

According to a report of  Bernadette Sembrano, one of the newscasters of ABS-CBN news, Rico was singing in the hospital to showcase his talent and to entertain all patients who are confined in the hospital.

Rico said in an interview that he is singing to remember his father.

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