MOMO CHALLENGE: Facts You Probably Don’t Know Yet About This Scary Viral Game


Here are some facts you probably don’t know yet about Momo Challenge.

MOMO CHALLENGE – The viral and scary “Momo Challenge” has created panic to every parents following reports that it targets children encouraging them to do risky challenges.

The dangerous “Momo Challenge” caused panic to parents currently. This was after an 11-year-old boy overdosed himself because he was instructed to do so.

Momo Challenge

What is this game? Where did it come from?

Here are some of the facts you probably don’t know yet about the viral “Momo Challenge”:

Game begins when the child contacts a Momo WhatsApp Profile

Accordingly, it typically starts after the person added the contact of Momo in WhatsApp where a disturbing image of a woman appears. And those who don’t respond to messages are threatened that it may appear at night or curse the person.

Challenges includes harming themselves

The challenge is being connected to several deaths of young people from different countries. Once the contact is established, the “Momo” account shares challenges which need to be completed. And most of these challenges are accordingly violent which oftentimes lead to suicide.

Who is the scary woman used as “Momo” image?

The scary woman with ringed and bulging eyes is reportedly the “Mother Bird” of Link Factory but the creator and the character is not in any way related to the games or challenge.

Who is the first victim?

Reportedly, one of the first victims is a 12-year-old girl in the district of Escobar. She apparently took her own life in Argentina and was even able to capture herself on camera before hanging.

Momo Challenge and the Blue Whale Phenomenon

Momo Challenge has similarities to the Blue Whale phenomenon which also horrified the social media platform. The Blue whale also has dangerous daily tasks for 50 days. And on the 50th day, that’s when they are tasked to commit suicide.


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