Generous Teacher Treats Students with Jollibee Meals Earns Praise

Generous Teacher Goes Viral After Treating Students with Jollibee Meals

The online community praises a generous teacher after he treated his students will meals from the famous fast-food chain Jollibee.

Some people, especially kids, have what can be called an all-time favorite restaurant—Jollibee. Most children in the Philippines enjoy eating items from the Jollibee menu. Some even threw parties and celebrated their birthdays at the well-known fast-food restaurant in the nation.

Marlon Labitag, a Facebook user, provided a video of Jollibee meals being served to his cherished students during class. Teacher Marlon is seen in the video telling his students about a surprise he has for them.

The students screamed and cheered in enthusiasm when several people carrying a large number of Jollibee dinners entered the room after a short while. The young pupils commended Teacher Marlon for providing them with wonderful food as they cheerfully ate inside the classroom.

A certain Ma’am Ava Amulong has received thanks from Labitag and his students for facilitating the treatment. The teacher also discovered that for some pupils, it was their first Jollibee lunch.

The video has received a variety of responses from the internet community after becoming popular on social media. Some online users applaud the generous teacher for providing the pupils with delicious food.

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