LOOK: Various “Playgirls Memes” Went Viral On Social Media

Various Playgirls Memes circulated on social media after the controversial dance performance of the all-girl group on ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’.

After the controversial dance performance of all-girl group ‘Playgirls’ on ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ for their audition, various “Playgirl Memes” circulated the social media.

The said group of female dancers caught the attention of netizens when they back fired to PGT judge Angel Locsin after she buzzed them out of the show due to morality reasons.

However, one netizen defended the actress against their rant through an open letter to the members of the group.


People were also quick to trace the previous controversy which involved the ‘Playgirls’ and it was during a gathering of Liberal Party back in 2015 when they also performed a vulgar dance.

Due to the publicity they are earning, “Playgirls Memes” are also gaining popularity among the social media users.

Facebook user ‘Vin’ posted on his account several memes of the said all-girl group.

There is an edited photo which put the images of ‘Playgirls’ members into popular TV program of Kapamilya network ‘Ang Probinsiyano’.

Playgirls Memes
(Facebook account of Vin)

Another memes was a playful imitation of the famous Sci-Fi movie ‘Star Wars’. The images of the girls were edited holding laser swords.

(Facebook account of Vin)

Some of the photos were edited together with scenes in TV commercial of ‘Mang Inasal’.

(Facebook account of Vin)
(Facebook account of Vin)

One photo was even edited a girl looking like she was inside a fast food chain serving a customer.

(Facebook account of Vin)

Aside from that there were also several “Playgirls Memes” that were edited with sports actions such as in volleyball, wrestling and basketball.

(Facebook account of Vin)

These kinds of memes caught the attention of many netizens who reacted with great laughter on the said edited photos of ‘Playgirls’.



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