WATCH: Video Of Old Man Doing This Inside The Mall Goes Viral

A video of an old man posted on Facebook goes viral as he was seen doing this inside a shopping mall and it received various reactions from netizens.

An old man inside a shopping mall captured the attention of many shoppers because of something remarkable he did.

A netizen was able to take video of the said seasoned citizen as he showcased his talent in the midst of a crowd.

Facebook user ‘Raymund V Guevarra’ shared on his account a video that showed an old man playing expertly the piano.

Old Man
(screen shot from FB)

He was playing the classic OPM song ‘Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko’ which was popularized by singer/composer Rey Valera.

That said song has already gained its own popularity and it was already revived in different version by various Filipino artists.

In the video, as the old man started to press the keys of the piano, the crowd started to sing along with the song.

There were also a lot of shoppers who were recording his performance on their mobile phones.

As the crowd enjoyed the classic OPM song, the pianist evidently was enjoying also performing for a lot of people.

It can be heard in the video that someone from the audience said, “ang galing!”

(screen shot from FB)

When the performance of the old man ended, the crowd applauded for him.

The said viral video has now reached more than 800 thousand views. Netizens shared it for over 4.8 thousand times.

It also received more than 17 thousand reactions from Facebook users.

The video of the talented old man was also flooded with hundreds of comments.

Many netizens commended the old pianist for the good vibes he bought to the shoppers and as well as to other people who saw his video.

Some netizens commented the hashtag #KMJS so that it will be noticed by the people behind ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’.

There were also several netizens who expressed how they can relate with the song that the man played on the piano.

(Source: FB)

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