WATCH: This Viral Video Has 2M Views & 2K Shares, See It For Yourself

This viral video on Facebook has already reached more than 2 million views and 2 thousand shares because of this particular reason.

In the world of social media, there are always something that catches the attention of many netizens and one of those is viral video.

There are videos which had gone viral due to the people involved like celebrities and prominent people in the society.

Some earned the fame due to its content, whether it is something funny, inspiring or educational.

On the other hand, there are some viral videos which just triggered the curiosity of social media users.

This particular viral video posted on the Facebook Page of ‘Takbong Pogi’ may had triggered the curiosity of netizens and they eventually laughed about it.

Viral Video
(screen shot from Takbong Pogi Facebook Page)

In the said video, a man was spotted by a CCTV camera walking in the street.

At first, it seems that there is nothing unusual in the video but as the man was walking, it can be seen that he is doing something.

He was actually urinating while walking. What catches the attention of the netizens was the way how he urinated.

The man in the viral video draw a zigzag line with his urine.

This video has captured the attention of many netizens. As of the writing, it has reached more than 2 million views and it has been shared for more than 2 thousand times.

It also received various reactions from netizens.

Several Facebook users commented that they got curious if what the man will do in the video while there were those who had to watch it over and over again to see what happened.

Furthermore, there were netizens who expressed their own interpretation to what the man did in the video.

“Masarap umihi kpg may style ika nga,” Facebook user Joe Joel commented.

“Sagradong technique ng mga manginginom na Ninja ang ipinamalas nya!! Bakit mo hinayaan makita sa CCTV ang “Uwihi” Technique!!!! Ginagamit natin pag tatakas tayo sa inuman!!Pero astig parin kasi di nila napansin na tinakasan mo sila sa inuman at nagawa mo p mag drive kahit lasing kana,” Facebook user Eeyhan Rex Puyog explained.

“hahhahahahhahaa!!! Baka maligaw kaya nag iwan ng palatandaan hahaha,” Facebook user Jeally Ace shared her thoughts.


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