Toni Gonzaga Vlog Featuring Her Everyday Life With Son Seve Soriano


Here’s the newest Toni Gonzaga vlog.

TONI GONZAGA VLOG – Here is the newest video blog of Kapamilya artist Toni Gonzaga featuring her everyday life with son Seve Soriano.

Among the most prominent personalities in the show business industry is definitely Toni Gonzaga who also entered the world of vlogging where she can express everything on her mind without the script to follow and with contents that are helpful in being a person, a woman, and now, being a mother.

Her sister Alex Gonzaga is also a Kapamilya artist and a vlogger. Actually, her sister is the one who influenced her to do vlogging. As vloggers, Alex and Toni has different content but both are just being real and aiming to give entertainment. Alex is more of being funny while Toni is the one being more informative.

Now, in her latest vlog, she featured her life in a day with her son Seve Soriano. She shared some tips about some things such as preserving water amid water crisis in the country and the right ways to take care of her young son’s personal belongings.

Watching the video was worthwhile. And with her remarkable style, she ended it with an inspiring message saying: “We all want the same things for our kids. We want them to grow up to love and be loved and to follow their dreams. But all I really wanted for Seve is just to be happy ’cause that’s all that matters to me.”

See the video below:

Meanwhile, here are some of the comments of the amazed netizens over Toni’s parenting style:

Alex’s vlog is more on ka-kwelahan, kakulitan and etc While Toni’s vlog is more on lifestyle that you can learn and apply in your everyday life. Stan Gonzaga’s Sister.. They will give you laughter at the same time life lessons

Truly an inspiration to all types of women, whether on motherhood or not.

Full time mom in the morning, hard working citizen at night. Kudos to you!

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