Kris Aquino “Nalindol” Video Goes Viral Due To Her Unique Reactions During Shaking


Here’s the Kris Aquino “nalindol” video that caught social media attention.

KRIS AQUINO “NALINDOL” VIDEO – The “nalindol” video of Kris Aquino goes viral online after she was caught in the middle of the earthquake that recently hit Luzon.

Luzon was recently hit with a magnitude 6.1 earthquake destroying buildings and other establishments to some parts of the northern part of the country. Pampanga was hit the hardest as the epicenter was at Zambales. An airport even got seriously damaged. The earthquake also shook some parts of Metro Manila and swayed high-rise buildings.

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kung ang ferris wheel nga umiikot…

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With this, amid the interview of the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino, the jolting started and they were all caught off-guard amid their session. The electricity ran out and when some people would usually get panic as an initial reaction, Aquino stayed so calm, chill, composed, and with calculated moves and still thinking about his sons on their home.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, here are some of the reactions of the netizens about this:

AT Urbano: People might find this funny or cute but I commend her calmness. Ang konyo at pasosyal ung way ng delivery pero if she had gone gaga and nag-panic, then the people around might have doubled their reaction… Because man she is freaking Kris Aquino. 

Elaine Castro Pamplona: This is what class is! Even under emergencies class padin! Hahaha

Dominic Otarra: She’s a natural… I love her.. She’s the socialite whos very beki.. With the right sense of humour.. She’s a privileged woman who always try to get out of her comfort zones regardless of what people say about her. She’s funny, composed and smart.

Rheymart Bayangos: That is why I love her ❤️ yung arte na sarap pakingan. Ndi nakakainis 😂 I love you miss Krissy

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