BB Gandanghari Experienced Emotional Distress Due To Bullying


BB Gandanghari shares his experience of having emotional distress

Transwoman model and actress BB Gandanghari, who is formerly known as Rustom Padilla, experienced emotional distress due to bullying.

His revelation about his sexual preference shocked many people, especially the conservative ones in the Philippines. Before the revelation, Rustom was one of the famous action movie actors in show business.

bb gandanghari
Photo source: @gandangharibb IG

He was also married to actress-host Carmina Villarroel. However, when Rustom became BB, many have embraced her new identity.

She received support from the LGBT community, as well as from his showbiz and non-showbiz friends.

Despite the open-mindedness of many people about this kind of situation in society, BB Gandanghari still experienced bullying because of the fact that she is a transgender woman.

As she is now based in the US, BB is doing some modeling and acting stints. She shared that she experienced bullying in her workplace.

“Say NO to workplace BULLYING…. What would you do when you’re transgender and your personal and professional boundaries are being violated and attacked in a work environment who claims to be a SAFE ZONE for people like me?” she wrote on her recent Instagram post.

BB also shared what her doctor told her.

“My body’s a train wreck that I was advised by my doctor to pause from work as I deal with this extreme emotional distress and severe anxiety attack that’s causing my blood pressure to shoot up. So help me God,” she added.

Because of what she shared, several of BB Gandanghari‘s friends from showbiz expressed their worries for her.

“Oh dear… I pray you get better soon…” Princess Punzalan commented while Pops Fernandez said, “Omg r u ok? Whats happening”.

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