Alex Gonzaga Makes Revelations & Defends Sister Toni Gonzaga


Alex Gonzaga Defends Sister Toni Gonzaga & Reveals Actress’ Personality

ALEX GONZAGA – Kapamilya actress-television host Alex Gonzaga made revelations and defended her sister, Toni Gonzaga.

In the Philippine entertainment industry, several actors and actresses are connected to each other in real life. Among them are actress sisters Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga. Both of them are under the ABS-CBN Network.

Toni and Alex are both know for their brilliance in acting, in making people laugh, and in television hosting. Both of them also have their own video blogs or vlogs where they connect more to people.

On her recent vlog, Alex Gonzaga was with Toni Gonzaga and the latter’s son, Seve Soriano. He is her son with film director husband Paul Soriano.

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In her vlog, Alex Gonzaga made revelations and defended the personality of her sister, Toni Gonzaga. It was after a netizen asked if the actress-singer is “mataray” or frank in speech.

According to Alex, her older sister is not “mataray” and she is kind. She jokingly stressed that Toni is a snob-type person.

“Serious siya kasi talaga in person. Para maging okay kayo, pag-usapan niyo siguro ekonomiya, relihiyon,” she said.

Based on the vlog, the next thing discussed is on whether it is true or not that Alex Gonzaga is answering back to her parents. According to the celebrity sisters, she does but she always has a reason.

Alex Gonzaga, Toni Gonzaga
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With regards to their relationship as siblings, Toni admitted that she is the one who usually misses Alex. According to her, Paul sleeps early so she sends text messages to her younger sister.

Alex jokingly expressed that she missed Toni when it is time to pay for something or she wanted to do something. On the assumption that she is over-acting, Alex admitted that she is OA but put down the other assumption that she is not kind. According to her, she is just frank.

Aside from those assumptions, Alex Gonzaga also entertained the assumption that she is just fooling her lovers. The actress-TV host denied it and expressed that she asks permission from her boyfriend when she feels like doing something to another person.

Here is the vlog of Alex:


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