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Gastritis: Silent Signs That Prove You Have This Medical Condition

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Here are the silent signs of gastritis

You might not know you already have gastritis and in order to know that you are suffering from this medical condition, take a look at these silent signs.

This medical condition is simply described as the inflammation of your stomach lining and is diagnosed through an endoscopy. A tube is snaked down your digestive tract to your stomach to assess the situation.

Here are the silent signs of gastritis.

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Some people mistakenly perceived that they have gastritis because they feel bloated. This feeling may be a result of dyspepsia, which is basic indigestion. However, when you feel bloated all the time or after most meals, then it’s time to visit your doctor.

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Another thing to be considered is when you are burping frequently. “If it is due to the bacterial infection of the stomach, H. pylori can change the enzyme activity of the inner [stomach] lining and give symptoms of belching,” Gastroenterologist Taruna Bhatia, MD, medical director of hepatology at CarePoint Health System said.

Along with burping, those experiencing this condition could also feel nauseated. Then, some people experience weight loss. There are some also who are experiencing intestinal bleeding and it can be noticed if there is blood in stool or vomit.

In some cases, insomnia could also be a silent sign of this medical condition.

According to the article from Reader’s Digest, smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as using a lot of anti-inflammatory drug can lead to gastritis.

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