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Proper Diet And Foods Matter To Individuals Blood Types

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Proper Diet And Foods Matter To Individuals Blood Types

Proper diet and foods matter to individuals blood types because every particular were unique from each other.

Each person has a various or different blood types from each other so it means every person needs a different diet than the other. Here’s a sample type 0 is a carnivore and likes red meats and fish, seafood is neutral and pork/goose is disliked. Type A are vegetarians, B is an omnivore, and AB is mixed between A and B.

Our eating manner can have a good and bad effect depend on how much we consume foods and what type of foods do we eat daily. Our body have a reaction to food that we eat and that reaction is called antibodies.

Individuals Blood Types

Every blood type has a different kind of special antibodies that fight bacteria’s and foreign cells in the body. Some antibodies attack the foods knows as lectins that react with types of blood, for example, a person with a type O blood, too much protein on this blood type can cause trouble in its body.

Type A have lower lectins in the bodies, the type 0 has more than average stomach acids for animal proteins.

Here are some suggestions from of what food we should eat and not for various blood types.

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