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Say Goodbye To Diabetes By Drinking This Natural Recipe

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Drink This Natural Recipe To Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can cause a serious problem in the body, but diabetes can be cured by drinking this natural recipe.

This condition which the blood sugar levels of a person is too high. The blood sugar in the body increases can cause by many factors such as too much glucose that comes from the food that we eat. Diabetes is a serious disease that can cause complications in the future if left untreated.

Anybody can strike by diabetes regardless of gender, age, and lifestyle. There are 2 types of diabetes; the type 1 diabetes, where the body does not produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes which is the most common, this is the condition when the body can’t produce enough insulin levels in the body.

Natural Recipe

This disease can cause further serious health issues such as stroke and cardiovascular diseases that may lead to heart disease. It can also damage the nerves, kidneys, eyes, and other organs in the body.

An unhealthy lifestyle can also increase the risk of a person of having diabetes. Unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, not enough physic activities, and eating unhealthy foods. Having a regular exercise can also help us to prevent diabetes. Here are some foods that can be used to treat or prevent diabetes.


It is a good source of potassium which can help the body to control blood pressure. It contains a glycemic index that reduces the blood sugar levels in the body.


According to scientific research, apples can reduce the blood sugar levels. Similar to banana it has a glycemic index that reduces the risk of diabetes.


It controls the blood sugar levels by absorbing glucose and increase the sensitivity if insulin in the body.

Natural Recipe

Here is a recipe that can help you in treating diabetes:


5 bananas
2 apples
2 kiwis
A handful of kale


In a bowl, put all the ingredients and pour a half liter of water then leave it overnight. Drink the water in the morning and consume the rest throughout the day.


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