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President Duterte Doesn’t Want War In Mindanao, Despite Terror Attacks

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Despite Terror Attacks, President Duterte Doesn’t Want To Wage War In Mindanao

Despite the attacks on government forces, President Rodrigo Duterte still doesn’t want to wage war against his fellow Filipinos in Mindanao.

On Wednesday (November 30, 2016), the president visits Lanao Del Sur and said that he doesn’t want to wage war against his fellow Filipinos despite the attacks against the government forces.

Duterte visited the region to check the town structure of Butig which has been devastated by Maute terrorist group on Saturday (November 29, 2016). The people in Mindanao was assured by the president that he was not there to wage war.


The president also explained that he doesn’t want to declare war for it is easy to start, but stopping it was quite difficult. He also warned the groups not to make him out of his temper because if that happens he can do something unpleasant.

Rody also said that he doesn’t want to fight or to kill for he is setting his limit. He also admitted that he can be harsh as he can ever be when the situation becomes not only a war against drugs but also a war against terrorism.

“Mahal ko kayo at sana tulungan ninyo ako kaysa makipag-away ang gobyerno na wala namang katapusan. Panahon ng Espanol, Amerikano, kay Marcos, hanggang ngayon, so hanggang kailan ito?” said by Duterte quoted by ABS-CBN.

President Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte also wanted to ask help from Moros to address the problem in Mindanao. He also said that is open in talking with Maute group to end the chaos that’s happening in the country.

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