This One Funny Pinoy Video Is Surely Going To Make Your Day. Find Out Why!

Funny Pinoy Video Goes Viral

Funny Pinoy Video – Sometimes, we have that one friend that is always been the subject of the group for some funny and ridiculous purposes. And in every group of friend, there is always that someone who plans those evil ideas just like what happened to this guy in the video below.

Well, just like what most of us are always saying, “never ever sleep when your friends are around you,” because something will really happen. And this video is the perfect example if you will try to sleep when your friends are awake.

This is one funny and mean video that is now making rounds online after it was been uploaded by Facebook page, Filipino Dubs. And now, the video garnered, 1,149,447 Views and still counting, with more than 35 thousand like and 31 thousand shares and still counting.

The video quotes:

Kahit di ko naintindihan, LAFTRIP pa din. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kahit di ko naintindihan, LAFTRIP pa din.

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WATCH: Egyptian Man Eats Glass For Breakfast

Man Eats Glass

WATCH: Man Eats Nails, Razors And Glass – Insane!

It is really nice to see people doing some incredible things especially if it is new to our eyes, we would often stop and watch closely on how they did it. Some of us may get excite but other get disgust. Are you one of the guys who love watching insane people doing extreme stunts and tricks? If you are, here’s the video you need to watch. You’ll about to see this Egyptian man that eats glass. This may sound disgusting and you’ll really get shocked once you see him doing this.

This video was uploaded by the channel Diagonal View on YouTube where you can find some of the greatest, most interesting facts and stories online. In this episode, you’ll about to see how this Egyptian Strongman Eats Glass for breakfast! What? This guy is definitely insane! Do you know someone who can do this? If not, watch his video below..

This is Karim Hussain, he is not an average strongman because he eats nails, razors and glass. This may sound impossible and disgusting, check out the video on how he did this.

According to Karim, he was drinking a glass of milk and broke the glass. He started eating the glass from his hand and until now he eats 3 to 4 cups for breakfast. He started doing this when he was 7 or 8 years old. Omg! What can you say about this guy? Do you find it amazing or disgusting? You can leave comments below! For more stories like this you can also visit their channel or Facebook page!

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Lifeless Fish Experiment – Mind Blowing

Fish Experiment

Fish Experiment – Watch How A Lifeless Fish Comes Back To Life Using Science

We are pretty amazed every time we see unusual things, just like a lifeless fish that comes back to life? Do you think it’s possible? Through science, some things are possible. If you want to want to witness this kind of experiment, this is the video you shouldn’t miss watching. I’m sure you’ve never seen this kind of Fish Experiment before.

What kind of Science Experiment have you tried at home? Some people do weird experiments at home, if you are one of them, here’s a another one you need to learn. You will surely impress your friends once you try to demonstrate this with them.

This video was uploaded by the channel Rumble Viral on YouTube where you can find some of the most trending, crazy and weird videos online. In this episode uploaded on their channel, you’re about to witness how these guys brings a lifeless fish back to life. Weird but it really happened. How did they do it? You better check this out!

Actually, the fish did not come back to life as the way it should be. These guys used lemon, salt and Tin foil to make this experiment possible. The materials react to create a charge that stimulates the nerves and made the dogfish move. Weird isn’t it? Have you ever done this in school?

Some people may find it cool but others might find it scary and weird. How about you? You can actually try this at home once you try to cook a fish. You’ll surely impress and surprise your friends once you make it, what do you think?

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Watch: World’s Best Top Trick Shots

Top Trick Shots

WATCH: The World’s Most Amazing Top Trick Shots

Have you ever tried playing tops(trompo) during your childhood? Your childhood was epic if you have tried it, it is said that every Filipino kid in old generation have tried playing this. If you are one of them, here are the Amazing Top Trick Shots you need to see. You’ll surely get impressed how these guys spin their tops, I’m sure you’ve never seen these kind of tricks before.

Trompo(tops) is popular in Latin America and later it was emerged in different kind of names and countries. Some Filipinos considered tops as one of the most traditional Filipino toys, and there are also some countries who play this. Do you know how to spin a top? If you are, here’s a video you shouldn’t miss watching.

This video was uploaded by the channel Kuma Films on YouTube where you can find some of the Greatest trick videos using common and modern equipment. In this episode, you’re about to watch how these top masters play top to the next level. Many users are really impressed and amazed how these guys perform their tricks, check this out!

Wow, how cool is that? These guys are really pro in playing tops. What do you think? I’m pretty sure they took years to perfect those tricks. I wish I’ve learned these tricks when I was younger! How about you? Do you know how to do some Top Tricks? Why don’t you post a video of yourself doing some tricks?

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