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This One Funny Pinoy Video Is Surely Going To Make Your Day. Find Out Why!

Funny Pinoy Video Goes Viral

Funny Pinoy Video – Sometimes, we have that one friend that is always been the subject of the group for some funny and ridiculous purposes. And in every group of friend, there is always that someone who plans those evil ideas just like what happened to this guy in the video below.

Well, just like what most of us are always saying, “never ever sleep when your friends are around you,” because something will really happen. And this video is the perfect example if you will try to sleep when your friends are awake.

This is one funny and mean video that is now making rounds online after it was been uploaded by Facebook page, Filipino Dubs. And now, the video garnered, 1,149,447 Views and still counting, with more than 35 thousand like and 31 thousand shares and still counting.

The video quotes:

Kahit di ko naintindihan, LAFTRIP pa din. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kahit di ko naintindihan, LAFTRIP pa din.

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