Sara Duterte Got Scolded By Her Daughter Shark Due To This Reason


Here is the reason why Sara Duterte got scolded by her daughter Shark Carpio

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte received an interrogating message from her daughter Shark  Carpio just recently.

The presidential daughter shared a screen shot photo of the said Viber message to her from her female child.

It can be seen in the photo that Shark first called out to her mother with “Ma!!!”

Sara Duterte
(Photo source: Philippine Canadian Inquirer)

Then the young lady asked Sara if it is true that she shaved her head again. It can be recalled that the Mayor sported a “semi-kalbo” hairstyle before.

“Is it true, nagpakalbo ka na naman????!!!!!” Shark interrogated her mother.

Since there was no reply, the young girl started to call out to her mother with intensity.

The Davao City Mayor apparently took lightly the raging message from her daughter as she captioned her post with, “In this relationship, she is the panicky mother, I am the spoiled brat.”

Shark Carpio's message to her mother Sara Duterte
(Photo source: @indaysaraduterte IG)

As of the writing, the said post of Sara Duterte has already reached more than 16 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

There were netizens who expressed their amusement to the relationship that Sara has with her daughter.

Instagram user @loreighna said with jest that Shark got stressed of what the Mayor did while Instagram user @princeofthegil21 said that it is such an evidence of their sweetness.

Some netizens related their own personal experience to what Sara shared on her post.

Instagram user @diadelgado said that she also has a child who is like Shark when scolding her while Instagram user @iamreljane said that she has the same relationship with her mom.

Here are some comments from netizens to the post of Inday Sara.

(screen shot from @ondaysaraduterte IG)



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