Resting in Peace or Dining in Distaste? Outrage Grows as Food Stalls Invade Private Cemetery

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines – On November 1st, as many gathered to pay their respects to their departed loved ones, a disturbing incident came to light in Bacolod City’s private cemetery, raising questions about respect for the deceased. A netizen shared their experience, expressing dismay at the presence of food stalls right next to their family’s final resting place at PalmHaven Bacolod.

In a social media post that has since gone viral, the netizen criticized the management of PalmHaven Bacolod for allowing food vendors to set up shop inside the cemetery grounds, seemingly showing a lack of regard for the sanctity of the burial site.

The post read, “Sa Management sang PalmHaven Bacolod wala respeto sa amon patay nga ah nag allowed kamo na may naga pwesto baligya inside premises na ara da mga tenant nio nagbakal kami da lot para magaan nmon mayo palahuwayan amon mga mahal sa buhay kag isa ka beses lng matabo ang nov. 1 nag rent pa kami tent sa nio na 1,500 pero lantawa nyo man amon view daw ara lng kami sa public cemetery.” (To the management of PalmHaven Bacolod who lacks respect for our departed loved ones, as they allowed vendors to set up stalls inside the premises, where your tenants are. We purchased a lot to provide a peaceful resting place for our dear ones, and it’s only once a year on November 1st. We even rented a tent from you for 1,500 pesos, but as you can see, it seems like we’re in a public cemetery instead.)

food stalls inside private cemetery

The netizen also criticized the store owner’s response, accusing them of insensitivity. “Kag bastos pa tag iya sang store magsabat kay nag rent cla kuno 5k na pwesto kami yah nagbakal cash sang Lot namon 45k negosyo ang lakat sang Palmhaven” (And the store owner was even rude, saying they supposedly paid 5,000 pesos for their spot, but we bought our lot for 45,000 pesos in cash. It seems like Palmhaven is running a business), the post continued.

The incident has sparked outrage among the local community, with many expressing their disappointment at the seemingly profit-driven decision by the cemetery management. The presence of food stalls in such a solemn location raises concerns about the respect and dignity owed to the deceased and their families on All Saints’ Day.

Here is the full post:

PalmHaven Bacolod Memorial Park, a private cemetery, is known for providing a peaceful resting place for the departed. The presence of food stalls near the gravesites has raised questions about the appropriateness of such commercial activity within the cemetery.

This incident has ignited a conversation about the need for strict regulations and guidelines governing the conduct of businesses within cemeteries to ensure that the solemnity of the occasion and the respect for the departed are preserved. It also highlights the importance of understanding and upholding the emotional and cultural significance of cemeteries as places of remembrance and reflection.

The management of PalmHaven Bacolod has yet to respond to the growing concerns and criticisms. The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between commerce and tradition, especially during times of mourning and remembrance. It remains to be seen whether the cemetery management will address the issue and take steps to ensure the respect and dignity of the deceased and their families in the future.

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