Sarah Geronimo’s Religion Questioned After Singing For Papal Visit In UAE


Netizens questioned the religion of Sarah Geronimo after she sang for Papal visit in UAE

Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo had the chance to sing during the Papal visit in United Arab Emirates (UAE) but a netizen questioned her religion because of this.

Sarah, at a young age, was able to prove that she deserves a spot in the Philippine entertainment industry through the singing contest Star for a Night.

sarah geronimo
Photo source: @sarahgeronimoshots IG

Years after that, she is now considered as one the top singers in the country. Sarah also starred in several blockbuster hit movies.

With her success, another feather was added to her cap when she performed in UAE during the historical visit of Pope Francis.

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Sarah Geronimo’s boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli is indeed proud of her performance in the Middle East.

sarah geronimo papal visit
Photo source: YouTube

The singer-actor even posted about this on his Twitter account. “My love is the best!!!!!!!!” he said.

Several Twitter followers of Matteo also agreed to his statement about Sarah.

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On the other hand, there was one comment who appeared to be questioning the religion of the Popstar Princess.

Twitter user @hawks21david commented “Isn’t she and her fam born-again christians? Why would she sing for the pope?”

This received a reply from Matteo. “Catholic. But it doesn’t really matter what she is. The beautiful part is people are united and at peace,” the boyfriend of Sarah answered.

Then, the said netizen explained that he and Sarah used to be churchmates. “We used to be churchmates when we were young sa saved by grace full gospel church. That was before she joined star for a night (im not sure). I hope she still remembers,” the netizen shared.

Matteo answered that he will tell Sarah Geronimo about this.

Here is a screen shot photo of their conversation.

What can you say about this?

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